Top 5 Ugliest Animals in the World!

blog - blobfishDid you know that there is an organization called the Ugly Animal Preservation Society? Yup. I’m not kidding. The group not only exists, but last week the group published a list of the 5 ugliest animals in the world. The sole purpose of the Ugly Animal Preservation Society is to highlight those ‘aesthetically challenged’ creatures in danger of becoming extinct. According to the group’s president, the panda gets too much attention. 🙂

The list sparked discussions among animal-lovers and haters alike and several blogs posted their own ugly top five. Some of the pictures are incredible and most of the creatures were totally unknown to me.

The Blobfish (above) won top billing, and these are some of the runners up:

blog - ugly aye-aye


The Aye-Aye is endangered in its native land of Madagascar. The natives of the island believe the poor little creatures are evil omens and kill them on the spot. I think it’s kind of cute in a weird way.



blog - uglychinese-crested-hairless-dog

The Chinese Crested Hairless Dog. Miss Ellie, pictured at right, is actually a celebrity on the Ugly Animal pageant circuit. Go figure.

blog - uglycelestial-eyed-gold-fish




The Celestial Eyed Goldfish. Can you imagine an aquarium filled with these little buggers? *shudder* Relaxing wouldn’t be the emotion invoked by watching these fish, for me anyway.




blog - uglystar-nosed-mole



The Star Nosed Mole didn’t make the top three. Myself, I think it should have won! No way I’d want to encounter one of these beasts.



All the pictures are courtesy of the Daily News and the Ugly Animal Society. For a list of the Top 20 Ugliest Animals, click on this link:

Here are a couple of other lists:

What has this to do with a romance blog? I’m going to use one of the beauties on the top 20 lists in my next paranormal romance. Check out the three lists and tell me which one you think I should pick.

Has anyone ever seen any of these uglies up close and personal? What a way to begin the week, eh? I feel positively beautiful in comparison.



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