The Toy Chest

So, as I get ready for the release of Hostile Beauty in October, I am actually reminding myself to call it by name and not “Two Men and a Vibrator,” which was my nickname for the manuscript while I was writing it. Which got me thinking about the scene which gave it the nickname, and then the use of sex toys in romance.

The first time I ever read a scene with a sex toy in it, it was a historical and the hero used a dildo with the heroine. Carved out of ivory or marble or something expensive sounding.  I can’t remember the name of the book (it was years ago–maybe even high school, y’all), but that scene still stands out in my mind. To my innocent young mind, it was a little shocking. I mean, he had his magic peen right there, why was he using a toy?

Clearly, I had much to learn about sex and romance. Sure, now I know it can be a way for the characters to connect and enjoy each other’s bodies in a different way. But back then, the idea was a revelation.

As my tastes in romance fiction grew more varied, I discovered there were lots of types of toys at play in romance stories. Not just dildos, but vibrators and plugs, cock cages and rings, crops and floggers, cuffs and scarves, oh my! Not to mention all the many spectacularly clever ways romance Doms have used ordinary household objects to bind up a naughty submissive. I love when an author gets creative with toys and props!

So, tell me, readers, how do you feel about sex toys in stories? Do you have a favorite toy-enhanced romance to recommend? Let us know in the comments!

In the mean time, I’ll leave you with a snippet from Two Men and a–erm. Hostile Beauty, that is. A contemporary retelling of Beauty and the Beast, coming Oct. 18 from Musa Publishing.

In the shower, Levi soaped up his hands, spreading them over Andrew’s sweaty shoulders.

“I can’t believe you sexted me while I was having dinner with David,” he murmured, running a hand down to cup Andrew’s ass.

“I’m bummed you didn’t text back after the second picture. The next one was going to be my ass.”

Levi damn near choked at that. “You mean I missed this ass?” He squeezed it. The curve of it was firm, perfect. How many squats would a man have to do to have an ass like that?

“Three sets of eight to ten with heavy weights twice a week for the last fifteen years.” When Andrew answered him, Levi realized he must have marveled out loud over it.

“Your hard work paid off,” he said dryly.

“Yeah? The sight of my ass give you any ideas?” Andrew turned around and gripped Levi’s cock in a slick, soapy fist.

“Oh yeah.” Levi grinned. “Every idea.” He rocked forward into Andrew’s hand. “But that feels pretty good too.”

Andrew wrapped one strong hand behind Levi’s neck and pulled him down for a kiss. It started sort of sloppy, with the water spray from the shower splashing between them, but as Andrew maneuvered Levi around until his back pressed against the wall, the brunt of the spray hit Andrew’s back and the kiss gentled, becoming slow and sweet. All the while, that hand on the back of Levi’s neck squeezed in counterpoint to the one stroking his cock. He felt adored, worshipped by Andrew’s hands and mouth, and every part of that strong touching and tempting and teasing. He squeezed Andrew’s ass with his hands, thoughts of blowjobs slipping away.

“I want to be inside you,” he groaned against Andrew’s lips, pushing his cock into Andrew’s hand for emphasis.

“Here?” Andrew looked around the shower, his expression clearly nervous.

“Never done it in a shower before?” Levi asked, rubbing Andrew’s shoulders gently. “We can go to bed. Are you okay with this, you’re on board?”

“Oh yeah.” Andrew grinned. “A dildo only holds so much appeal. After twenty years…I’m ready.”

Levi’s brain short-circuited as he pictured Andrew spread out on the bed fucking his own ass with a dildo. Fuck.

“You have a dildo?”

“I have more than one.” Andrew shrugged. “A guy has needs.”

“I’m aware. I just. Wow, can I see it?”

Andrew laughed. “You want to see…”

“I want to see you use it. Your favorite one. And then I want to fuck you.”

6 thoughts on “The Toy Chest

  1. I don’t know that I have a favorite toy romance, but I do enjoy them. I think I like the more D/s based ones because adding in the hardware seems to make the most sense.

    I also love it when the toy is more featured, not just an afterthough, much like your use of it here. It’s not just mentioned, it’s critical to why the scene is even happening.


  2. Killing me, V! Killing. Me. I absolutely can’t wait to read this one!

    And…as for sex toys…hmm. I’d say I’m an equal opportunity employer. 🙂 I’m kind of partial to Lorelei James and her creative uses for ranchin’ tools (ropes, whips, chaps…).


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