Growing up in the South

Growing up in the South was quite an experience. With acres and acres of land to roam, trees to climb, and the ever-present humidity, you haven’t lived “rural” until you’ve come to my neck of the woods. And contrary to popular belief, we all don’t grow our beards and hunt ducks!

Summers were always my favorite. Not only could I catch up on non-school-required reading, but there were peas and butterbeans to shell (and EAT!), ponds to swim in, and go-karts to ride.  I could also catch up on my “stories”, otherwise known as soap operas. My brothers, my cousins, and I would hike the back fields, build forts, and pick plums and bullices (scumplins) straight off the tree/vine.

But probably the absolute best thing about growing up in Alabama was the rivers. There’s tons of fishing in my area, thanks mostly to Tom Mann Outdoors. Not that I do much fishing, but swimming and picnics waterside were the perfect ending to the long, hot, humid days.

Being a proud Southerner, it’s no wonder so many of my books take place in the southeastern United States. A Hot Mess, Christmas Spirits, and Overnight Sensation had characters based in Georgia. Some Kind of Trouble and A Touch of Sin take place in good ole ‘Bama.

My latest release, Just Right, moved up to Memphis, Tennessee. The center of soul and Elvis, Memphis is like Los Angeles of the South. I once visited Memphis for a concert. (*NSYNC. Shouldn’t come as a surprise since my love of the former pop band is well documented.) Going to the Peabody, Beale Street, Graceland, and the Pyramid were highlights of my vacation. I also got to enjoy the yummy offerings from B.B. King’s Café. (Try the chili. Trust me!) I’m happy to say that many of my favorite tourist attractions made their way into Sadie and Jason’s story.

I know many of my fellow LL&L ladies have either lived or now live in the South. So today I want to hear what’s some of ya’ll’s (It’s a word I swear!) favorite cities and memories.

4 thoughts on “Growing up in the South

  1. I enjoyed visiting Gatlinburg, TN when I was a kid and visiting Rock City. It was a memorable vacation. I also like Memphis — did Duel on the Delta there and had had great BBQ and southern home cooking. Only the southerners know how to make grits and collard greens.


  2. Oh man! I love Memphis! Is a short drive from me so I go quite often. The music, the food…love it! I grew up in the north, but I’ve gotten used to biscuits and gravy and fried pickles. It kinds grows on you. 🙂


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