Wanted: Strong, honest, sometimes mean editors

This was the week I crashed and burned as a writer. Okay, that may be a little dramatic, but the truth is this was a bad week for my (not so) illustrious writing career. Several stories back from edits (because they always come back at the same time) and needing major work.

Hey, it happens—too many irons in the fire make it hard to concentrate!

And sometimes I may rush and submit too quickly without giving a manuscript the proper read through…she admits with a rushed and mumbled voice.

So, while wallowing in the bowels of editing hell, I pulled up my big girl panties and decided I needed to remind myself of a few things…like why I love my editors.

  1. They are honest, even when it hurts. While beta readers toss a few corrections out and say how much they loved something, editors have the nerve to say, “This is really bad.” Okay, so that may sound harsh, but isn’t it better to hear that from an editor than a reader?
  2. I can’t edit my own work. I know what I mean, and so it reads okay to me. I need someone to point out that, no, it doesn’t sound okay.
  3. They have my best interests at heart. Of course they gets paid to fix my ramblings, but I’m an editor and I know what editors make. They aren’t doing this for the money. They does it because they believe in my books and want them to be the best they can possibly be.
  4. They are wise beyond reason. That may sound like a bit of ego-stroking, maybe it is, but it’s kind of true too. Editors have a lot of information crammed into the old noggin, and they put it to good use by reminding me of things like dangling modifiers are bad and…you know…other things.
  5. They keep me grounded. So some people liked my books. So what? Editors aren’t impressed. They see great books every day, they work with great writers every day. I’m not special. And they like to remind me of that.

I could probably think of a few other reasons why I love my editors, but I don’t want them to get big heads either. So, I’ll just say thanks. Thanks for reminding me that I’m not so great, I’m not so special, and sometimes I outright suck. And when I do, thank you for setting me straight and making me shine.

4 thoughts on “Wanted: Strong, honest, sometimes mean editors

  1. Ditto everything Em said. All authors need editors who kick butt. Some of us are lucky to have crit buddies who kick butt also. Love my editor and my crit buddies even when I whine and stomp around the house kicking cat fur fluffs (since I never have time to clean my house because I write and edit all the time).


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