Buried in Edits!

…It’s what happens when you write too many books and they all come out in the fall/winter. 🙂 With so many releases this fall, I’m buried in edits! I eat, sleep, and breath edits. Sometimes I run them and shower them too!

On this weeks editing list: Love in the Cards! That’s right. The ladies at Love, Lust, and Laptops have put together another anthology. Ten free reads! I’ve buried my head in all of them this week and they are fantastic stories! They will start releasing daily later this month. You won’t want to miss them!

After I get through that stack, I have several edits to do for others, and then I shall be found buried in the edits for next year’s release, my Emergence series. Bound to be Taken, tBound to be Taught, and Bound to be Tamed. This BDSM series is kicking my butt! It’s all new to me and I’m loving the journey, but writing in a new genre, and then insisting each book be about 90k, takes its toll! I’m pretty sure the rest of October and November will be spent solidifying these three books.

But, there is some fun to be had! I’m going to RomantiCon this year for the first time! And, oh my, that’s next week! I have so much editing to do before I can leave…

Editing, editing, editing… It’s my middle name!

When do I get to go back to writing?


3 thoughts on “Buried in Edits!

  1. Becca, you rock , girl. And since I read all the stories already also — I cannot wait to see what the fans think. Super stuff coming out later this month.

    And I am so excited about your BDSM series. Can’t wait. Need a beta-reader? *hint hint*


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