All about the fairy tale

We get into this romance thing because we’re looking for the happy ever after. As authors, as readers, we want to know everything is going to be okay for our characters after we close the book.

Sometimes, we take some good-natured (and sometimes not good-natured) ribbing for it. “Oh, are you reading one of those books?” To which my answer is pretty much always: “Yes, yes I am.”

One of my favorite things about the romance genre is the exploration of tropes and themes, retellings of classic stories, and our willingness to poke and prod at them until we find something new.

hostilebeauty-510Beauty and the Beast was always one of my favorite fairy tales. It’s also a well-loved romance trope. I’ve always wanted to try my hand at a retelling, and last year I did, which is how my upcoming release Hostile Beauty came to be. It’s a contemporary M/M retelling of Beauty and the Beast, with plenty of liberties taken with the story line, but a fair amount of faithfulness to the themes. (I hope, anyway.)

What’s your favorite fairy tale or fairy tale trope? Do you have a favorite retelling? Authors, is there any fairy tale you’ve set your sights on retelling?







5 thoughts on “All about the fairy tale

  1. Hostile Beauty looks amazing!

    I retold The Princess and the Pea for an anthology at LSB called Ain’t Your Mama’s Bedtime Stories — my story was called “Once Upon a Princess” and I enjoyed retelling the story with a slightly kinkier twist. I have others in my head – one about the frog prince who would retrieve the girl’s treasure she dropped into the water for the price of a kiss — my story has once again a slightly kinkier twist.


  2. I love that you used Beauty and the Beast for an MM story, Vanessa! Good on you! My fave fairytale was always Beauty, but I also love some of Andersen’s more obscure ones as well, like the tragic Rose Elf.


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