Let’s talk about sex

WCake manhat are the odds that, out of all the days of the year, my birthday would fall on my blog day?

Well, pretty damn good, I’d say—since today is my birthday and … here I am. Blogging about sex. ’Cause what else would I want to talk about on my birthday? Cake? Ice Cream? Presents? I think not.

I’m intrigued by the new series on Showtime called Masters of Sex. Did any of you catch the series premiere last weekend? If you didn’t, let me tell you—it’s a show based on the real life research of Dr. William Masters and his partner, Virginia Johnson. Together, these two pioneered research into how the human body responds to sexual stimulation. Most notably, from the female perspective. From arousal to the blissful aftermath of orgasm—Masters and Johnson looked at every stage. Literally. They watched … in the name of science, of course. (Greatest. Job. Ever. Can you imagine THAT dinner table conversation? “How was your day, dear?” “Uhhhh, nothing too exciting … had a bologna sandwich for lunch and watched a couple hump for an hour. You?”)

But, here’s the intriguing part—it’s about a dude who is fascinated with the female orgasm. Okay, it’s about much more than that, but still … isn’t that what every woman wants? A man who’s just as interested in his partner’s pleasure as his own?

Let’s take Caleb Martin, for example. Powerful, breathtakingly gorgeous, and dominant—all solid qualities for an alpha male—but would you still want to have sex with him if he was a selfish bastard in the sack?

Good thing for us, he’s not:

ShadowofSin_final_1600x2400Without warning, he grabbed her arms and jerked her against him.

“Make no mistake about it. If I were to take you, it wouldn’t be a quick fuck.” He crowded her back against the door and shoved his knee between her legs. His hands clenched her arms, holding her still.

She struggled against him, her chest heaving, as he leaned his weight against her, making it clear who held the reins. “I like to take my time, Samantha. There are so many fascinating places to explore on a woman’s body. So many tempting noises to tease from a mouth gone swollen from my kisses.”

He put his mouth close to her ear. “If I take you, you’ll be mine to do with as I please. You’ll be wet.” He ground his hips against her stomach. “And you’ll beg.”

~Caleb Martin, Excerpt from Shadow of Sin—Release Date: November 6, 2013

Now, I want to know—who are the romance heroes that do it for you? (and yes, I want names!) What qualities are a must for your ultimate hero? Enquiring writer minds want to know!

Until next time … have a piece of cake for me!

17 thoughts on “Let’s talk about sex

  1. Happy birthday!!!

    Vaughn in Nalini Singh’s Psy/Changeling series does it for me. I also love Risto in Monette’s Cold Day in Hell. They are both such strong men and they really love their women.


  2. Happy Birthday Parker!!!!!

    I have lots of guys from books that do it for me, it would be hard to pick. If its from a series or an author I particularly love, I’d say my favorite is whomever is in the one I’m currently reading. One recent fave is Ty from the Never series by CM Stunich. He is flawed and such a bad boy, but he has the proverbial heart of gold, only has eyes for Never, has unfailing optimism when it comes to the two of them, and he is ALWAYS (and I do mean always) DTF.


  3. Happy B’Day, Parker. Can’t wait to see Caleb out and winning over all the female readers.
    As for my fave sexy leading man of all time – Roarke in J.D. Robb’s Death series. And on the kinkier side? Nolan in Cherise Sinclair’s Shadowlands series. That Nolan knows his way around a female body — fanning myself here.


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