What’s coming for Theodora Lane – aka Lynn Lorenz

Well, my first Theodora release is going great! Good sales and a wonderful first review by Fresh Fiction!
I’m so very thrilled they liked it! A big thanks to Taliesin Publishing for the hot cover and working with me on this book!

My next release under Theodora Lane is a re-release of my very first shifter novella Second Moon. Here’s the old cover on the left, and the new one on the right.
LL_SecondMoon SecondMoon Liquid Silver Books did a fabulous job revamping the cover, blurb and letting me go back and do some editing/updating. They’ve been great working with me to change over my male/female books to my new pen name, and I gotta say, the new cover is hot! Doesn’t he remind you of a young Antonio Banderas??

And I have to say if the sales numbers are right for Heart of a Warrior, this is probably the smartest thing I’ve done for my writing career in a long time – creating a new pen name to separate my male/female from my male/male books. I want to let readers know just what they’re getting when they buy a Lynn Lorenz book or a Theodora Lane book. Great writing. Great characters. Always a happy ever after. Those are still the same, I promise. But now, with Theodora, if you’re looking for more traditional reading, you know just which name to look for, with no surprises.

I’m looking forward to my next books coming out under Theodora, and I’ve got quite a few – some re-releases from Lynn and several brand new books.

I’m working on finishing a Russian historical, set in the 1600’s just after Ivan the Terrible ruled. It’s the story of a Russian soldier and the daughter of a duke. He’s sent to bring her home, thinking she’s a child and he’s none to happy to be assigned this task. What he finds…well, you’ll have to read it and find out.

I’m hoping this will be out in early 2014, if I can get it finished. With so much happening this fall, my work, the GRL retreat in Atlanta (getting all the swag and stuff ready for it!) and doing some edits on new books coming out, has eaten a lot of my time. But I’ve decided to buckle down and finish this book. I love the characters – Alexei is strong, alpha, and determined. Arisha has learned to take care of herself and she’s just as determined as Alexei. Together, they combust!

It won’t be the only book for Theodora next year – I’m planning on several. But don’t fear, Lynn Lorenz readers!!! I’ve got the next books in the Rougaroux Social Club, WereWolf Fight League and Locke and Blade planned too!

It’ll be busy, and that’s a good thing.

5 thoughts on “What’s coming for Theodora Lane – aka Lynn Lorenz

  1. Love the new cover and, yes, the hero is sort of Antonio -ish. Yummy. I’ve always loved your m-f books and I think clearly branding them so the readers “know” what to expect is a super idea. Great move. And do take some time to take a breath, Lynn – you sound like you’ve got a lot of things going on.


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