Body Checking Time

Here in the UK it’s Breast Cancer month. Where there are large adverts and promotion reminding people, and yes I mean people not just ladies get breast cancer, to check their breasts.

Cancer affects many people so I thought I’d take a minute and tell you my story.

2008 is, was and will always be the worst year of my life.

I was on holiday with one of my sisters, niece, great nieces and mother. My mum wasn’t feeling too well but we were on our way home and she had a doctor’s appointment that day so we didn’t worry too much. She’d been putting it of for weeks and now we’d insisted she went.

I was driving and when I looked over at her she was shaking and her lips were blue, I don’t do scared, too much of a control freak to let big emotions out, but I can honestly say that I have never experienced anything quite like that.

The doctor sent her for some blood work and then I brought her home. The next day I was on the way to work when I got a phone call, from my mum. She’d heard from the doctor her kidneys were failing and she needed to get to the hospital quickly. Needless to say I turned on the spot and headed home, all whilst texting my two older brothers and two older sister to let them know too.

My mother only had one working kidney, the other died when she had me….yeah feeling all the guilt about that and have done since I was old enough to know what it meant.

So finding out the one remaining kidney was failing was, to say the least, devastating.

When I got to the hospital, one of my sisters arrived just behind me. We were taken directly to our mum. So looked so grey.

The NHS (National Health Service) did wonders, fighting an infection she had. They worked on her for days making her well again. Then I got a text, again from my mum, she’d had a consultant come and see her. All the text held were two words

It’s cancer.

Yeah, not the best way to find out but if you knew my mum she’d know that was totally in her MO.

The doctors and nurses were brilliant and when we found out the bad kidney was the issue and had the cancer we were thrilled, which sounds strange but it meant her good kidney was fine and health. With treatment and care she was going to be top-notch.

Two weeks after her diagnosis, the week of her op she had a call from my dad. My parents had separated when I was very young but had never divorced, it seemed they were fine being married just not living with each other…..don’t even ask me I never figured it out either…..

He’d called to tell her he’d been diagnosed with mouth cancer….which later turned in to mouth, throat and lung cancer….. yep dad was a big smoker and drinker….

So, let’s recap..mother with cancer….father with cancer…..all within two weeks……can you say month from hell????

They both fought hard, and trust me those born during the world wars, especially here in the UK are hard as nails.

My mum is currently sitting in the same room I am right now moaning about some antiques show on the tv…..”if your gran gave you a family heir loom you love why are you selling it?”

My dad died two years ago after a long hard fight.

The point of this post? Cancer is a bitch…ain’t no two ways about it…..but please please please don’t put off going to the doctor if you aren’t feeling well. Please please please remember to check your breasts, your testicles, that lump that appeared but you’ll worry about later.

Cancer doesn’t care that you have a presentation at work that you need to focus on rather than going to see the doctor. It doesn’t care that you don’t have time….because if you don’t get checked out you’ll run out of time anyway…

Smoking killed my dad…..and I’m not going to tell you to give up, that’s your decision and I respect that…besides when you’re gone it won’t be you that has to deal with it anyway….and to be honest it’s not you I worry for it’s those you leave behind.

I have seen much heart-break in my time….yeah I am super dramatic deal with it….but I have never seen anything more heart breaking than children at the side of a grave of a parent taken too soon….

Don’t do it for me, after all who the heck am I to you….don’t even do it for yourself, do it for the family and friends you love, those one’s you’d do anything for….because when you’re gone it will be them that will be broken.

Cancer is a bitch and it doesn’t care who you are….it’ll cut you down…so don’t give it a chance, check your body, go to the doctor if you are unsure, even if it turns out to be nothing, it’s better to be sure than dead…..

Until next time…remember….Cancer doesn’t care if you are black, white, pink, green, straight, gay, transgender or anything in between……don’t give it a chance….check your body….now….or else I release the Kraken!!!!

7 thoughts on “Body Checking Time

  1. We often hear about cancer (not giving it a capital, it doesn’t deserve it!) and what it does to the person. so little do we hear about the effects it has on the people, as you say, that are left behind.
    So please your mum is fighting fit. Thank you for giving me a reason to make sure I check my bits. xx


  2. Important post, Cherie. Cancer (smoking) has taken two of my family members, and I will never smoke as a result. My heart goes out to you about your dad, but I am so glad your mum pulled through and that you have her in your life. Thanks for sharing!


  3. 😥 Thanks for sharing and hopefully someone will listen and think, check and get help if they need it. I’m sorry about your father and delighted for your mother, she sound amazing and hardy. Til next time x


  4. Good post, Cherie. Give your mum a hug from me.

    Being married to a pathologist and having volunteered on a Hospice unit, I don’t mess with cancer — heard/seen too many horror stories — and watched my dad die within six weeks of being diagnosed with colon cancer. Turns out the cancer had probably been growing for ten years. If it had been caught at an early stage, I might not have lost him right after he turned 61. But by the time he went to the doctor it had gone to his liver — 90% of his liver (and the liver is a large organ) was filled with tumors.

    So any symptoms out of the ordinary – don’t delay. Get screenings — some cancers can be cured if caught early enough.


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