Something Old Becomes New Again

destinysMagickwebI’m talking about covers here.

To the left is the NEW cover for my first release with Liquid Silver Books back in January 2003, Destiny’s Magick, written as my sexier alter ego, Rae Morgan. (Note:  The cover has not been updated at LSB yet; but this will be the new cover.)

This cover gives a fresh romantic face to the first book in the Coven of the Wolf series.  The book is a sexy paranormal romance with some suspense elements.  The new cover shows the Chicago-type skyline in the background, a small shape of a wolf, the Coven’s spirit animal, and of course the hot hero, Drake, a male witch, and the beautiful heroine, Rhea, a witch who doesn’t realize she is one.

Yes, it is a clinch cover, but it is also a hot romance —  and they do look hot.  🙂

The old cover while a nice cover really doesn’t convey as much of what is in the book as the new one.  Don’t get me wrong, I liked my cover for Destiny’s Magick at the time it came out.  E-books were still in their formative years and the artists and authors were still finding their way.  The old cover is to the right. DestinyMagick_medium

I’ve been told the artist who did my new cover will be re-doing all my Coven covers.  It’ll be interesting to see how sales increase once they are all recovered.

How do covers influence your book buying? And if you’re an author, have you ever changed a cover and if so, did it increase/decrease your sales?

Blurb for Destiny’s Magick:

Drake Morgan is a witch. He is also the leader of the largest and most powerful coven in the United States. As he fights enemies, both without and within, he continues his search for the one woman, his complement, who can help him protect his people from the dark machinations of a twisted follower of chaos magick.

Since her move to Chicago to take possession of her inheritance from her grandmother, Rhea Brown has heard strange voices and experienced phenomena that can not be explained away in a rational manner. Her cynical lawyer’s mind tells her she is over-stressed and imagining things. When a dark-haired lover starts visiting her in her dreams, both sleeping and waking, she learns that magick can be real.

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8 thoughts on “Something Old Becomes New Again

    • Thanks, Gail. That is exactly the idea. I re-read Destiny’s Magick and liked the fact the story still held up. I loved that little world I created — who knows? There could be some short pieces coming out of the Coven of the Wolf world.


  1. I love this series ! I’m so glad it’s still available for people who haven’t found you yet Monette 🙂 Covers catch my attention in stores but obviously don’t have the same impact when I’m browsing online. I have a slow connection / older computer and I HATE too many graphics for my initial browse through. And trying to squint at a picture of a cover to see who the author is and the title of the book *text labels people are your friend!*

    A cover that’s highlighting something about the story is more likely to help me with the final ‘buy’ decision I think but only if the blurb has already hooked me. In this case, I think while the original cover worked ‘back then’ it’s good to renew and bring it up to date. The new cover is hot *fanning self* no question and the book itself isn’t dated so good that the cover doesn’t scream how long it’s been out.


    • Why thank you, Peggy. D. Magick was my first attempt at being a tad bit sexier and opening the bedroom door. I was pleased at how well it was received at the time. I still get mail asking about more books in this world. I never say never — but do have my hands full between the Prime trilogy and the SSI books. 🙂 But short (less than 25 K) in the Coven world might be doable. I’ve always wanted to write Keir and Betsy’s story. There’d be a lot of spanking going on in that one — since Betsy tends to push all Keir’s buttons. 😉


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