Perplexation and penises

As I sat staring at a blank screen wondering what to blog about, Mr. Mancini happened upon my perplexation (that’s a word, really) and asked what was up. I explained that it’s my day to blog and I got nuthin’, nada, zilch to say.

After taking a few minutes to laugh at the the prospect that I had nothing to say, he took a deep breath and said, “Oh, you’re serious.”


Now the thing about Mr. Mancini is that he is the world’s most supportive husband. I say, “I’m going to sell jewelry!” He says, “Okay! Do it!” Then I don’t like that and I say, “I’m going to sell chocolate!!” He says, “Okay! Do it!” Then I can’t sell chocolate because I work in a gym and my guilt won’t allow me to tempt weak people. So I say, “I’m going back to school!” and he says, “Okay! Do it!!”

You see how this whole thing is going right? Mr. Mancini is Mr. Wonderful (most of the time).

So, being the wonderful supportive man that he is, when he stumbles upon my perplexation (remember that’s a word now) and gets a good laugh, he says, “Well.  Write about sex.”

“What about sex?” I ask.

Then he looks preplexed. And says, “Tell them I have a small penis and how you love it anyway.” When I simply stared at him he sighed. “You were supposed to argue with that.”

“Oh. Which part?” I asked. Then it was my turn to laugh and laugh and laugh.

And so, while I still didn’t come up with a brilliant idea for today’s blog, I did get a really good laugh at Mr. Mancini’s expense. But only after he laughed at me. We’re all about the give and take.

8 thoughts on “Perplexation and penises

      • I agree Ms. Emilia! That shows how safe you feel with him (or her) when you can truly be spontaneous and not worry about how you look or what their response will be. That is friendship surrounded by love and the most blessed of relationships have that.

        Give him a kiss on the cheek from me – just cause 😀


  1. Your Mr. Mancini sounds like my sweetie too. He has supported me through all my vocations and avocations and brags about me to all who will listen. Love my man. I bet Mr. Manicini and my Studly Pathologist would hit it off just fine, esp. when comparing notes on their wives. 🙂


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