Love in the Cards — The Lovers

Lea looked up at the Dacre House and smiled as anticipation coursed through her veins and settled in a tingling ball of fire between her legs. Some lucky son of a bitch in there would be thoroughly fucked by the time she got done with him.

She looked down and made sure the red corset she wore was aptly pushing her plump breasts up and out. It was tight around her abdomen, thinning her waist and emphasizing her hips, which were covered in a red latex miniskirt. Her red stiletto boots, which zipped from ankle to thigh, clicked as she sashayed her way toward the front steps.

The man at the door moaned in appreciation as she stopped in front of him. He gestured her in before she even showed him her invitation. “You can have whatever you want, baby,” he mumbled.

Her grin widened. She planned on having whatever she wanted. In whatever way she wanted it.

Lea paused in the foyer to glance in the tall mirror. Her golden locks were still perfectly curled and the little horns on her head were in the right place. It was early, but the ballroom was already abuzz with chatter and activity. There were four cages with dancers hanging high off the floor. The one that caught her attention held a couple dressed like Adam and Eve. Adam was grinding his counterpart, his loincloth barely covering him. It made Lea’s heart flip in her chest as another log was added to the fire of desire burning within her.

She spotted the bar and headed that way. She ordered a pumpkin martini and leaned back while she waited, scanning the room to find the perfect mate for the night.

Some might call her a slut for never seeing the same man more than once, but to Lea it was self-preservation. She’d go insane if she didn’t get laid on a somewhat regular basis. Not that she was a sex addict or anything of the sort.

She just happened to be head over heels in love with the one man she couldn’t have. Tom Malcolm. Her boss. It wasn’t just love. It was desire in its rawest form. She couldn’t look at the man without her pussy quivering with need. Sitting in his office taking notes, listening to him vent or laugh or just bullshit to pass the time, feeling his hand brush hers when she handed him papers or a cup of coffee, just being around him was enough to make her want to orgasm.

Tom had a power over her that she couldn’t understand, had never experienced before, and had kept her cunt starving for attention. She gave in to the urge to pick up a man several months ago and imagined it was her boss the entire time. She even called the man Tom once or twice. If he cared, she hadn’t noticed. By the time she’d been done with him, he’d been too exhausted to say either way.

And so started a new habit for her, one that was completely out of character.

She’d spend weeks letting the lust build to the point she could no longer stand it, to the point masturbation did nothing but make her need more. Then she’d find a man, fuck him stupid, and—for a while at least—regain some control of her desire for her boss.

Then Tom would smile at her as she laid papers on his desk, wink his thanks when she brought him coffee while he was on a teleconference, or just walk by her desk, and she’d almost die from the need to feel him come deep inside her.

Though she’d intended to find a one-night stand as soon as she received the invitation to this party, the catalyst to getting laid ASAP had been when he’d accidentally bumped into her in the break room earlier today and his hand had gone to her hip to steady her.

There’d been nothing intimate about his touch, but her body had thought otherwise. If she hadn’t been so adept at concealing her lust for him, she probably would have pushed him down on the table, ripped his clothes off, and climbed on his dick right then.

Instead, she’d stuttered awkwardly as she always did when he was around. She hated how he turned her into a clumsy little girl. One look from him and she tripped over her own feet, spilled coffee, dropped forks in her lap, and generally acted as if a man had never touched her before. It was embarrassing, but she couldn’t help it. In a strange way, she suspected her constant accidents were why he kept her around. He seemed amused by her.

What she wouldn’t give to be this woman in front of him. The confident, take-what-she-wants-when-she-wants-it woman she was when she went looking for a man to quench the sexual thirst he built in her.

Bringing her martini to her lips, she took a long drink and let her gaze settle on a man in the corner of the room as he looked at a card in his hand. He wore tight black pants and a black cowboy hat. Even from across the room, he radiated a fantastic lover vibe. He stood tall, confident, and when he reached up and tipped his hat as a woman walked by him, she could see his long slender fingers that she would love to feel sliding in and out of her.

Lea gulped what was left in her glass and set it aside. She was strutting across the room, closing in on her target, when she sensed a change in the air that only happened when she was close to Tom. She gasped and stopped in her tracks. Intuition had her turning her head and then she spotted him. He stood in the doorway, surveying the room.

Dressed in tight red pants, a red vest, with red horns sticking out of his dark hair, Tom’s devil was the perfect match to hers. Her gaze swept over him and settled on the bulge clearly visible in his should-have-been-illegal pants.


She’d always imagined him with a gigantic package hidden beneath the designer slacks he wore at the office. But now she knew. Now, she’d never be able to pour him a cup of coffee without imagining him stroking his cock as he peered down her blouse. Which he’d never done. She knew because she watched him closely from between her lashes.

Swallowing hard, Lea realized she had to abandon her plan. She couldn’t be here, couldn’t pick up a fling, while the man she wanted more than her next breath was in the room. Not only that, he couldn’t see her dressed like she was. His Lea was conservative, not anything like the sex-bomb Lea she was tonight. His Lea was awkward and jittery. She couldn’t be “his” Lea tonight, not dressed in red latex and thigh-high stiletto boots.

Ducking behind the guy with huge black wings, she managed a smile when the dark angel turned her way.

“What’s your card?” he asked.

She creased her brow as she tilted her head. “Uh, what?”

“Your card.” He held up half a tarot. Two of Wands.

“Oh.” She reached into the cleavage created by her corset and pulled out her invitation.  She hadn’t even paid attention. “The Lovers.”

He smiled. “Well, I guess you aren’t my match.”

“Sorry.” Lea shrugged as she looked around the man’s large body. Damn it. Tom wasn’t at the door. “Better luck next time.”

She scanned the room, her heart racing half in panic, half with excitement. So what if Tom saw her dressed like this? He wasn’t exactly dressed like himself either. Maybe he’d appreciate this side of her. Maybe he’d finally make a move, drag her to a secluded room, pin her against the wall, push her skirt up, and tear her panties away. Maybe he’d be too damned hungry for her to bother being a gentleman.

“Fuck,” she moaned.

Moving behind a man dressed like the pope—well, if the pope dressed only in his miter and in a white-and-gold thong—she peered over his shoulder and looked around. Tom had virtually disappeared. He wasn’t at the bar. He wasn’t at the buffet table. He wasn’t mingling with any of the scantily clad women prancing around the room.

She looked at the exit door and debated only for a moment before she headed straight for it. She was there, almost ready to make her escape when she heard Tom’s laughter, a sound that usually hit her straight between her legs, but now caused her stomach to tighten with fear. She looked one way, then another, and dashed into the closest room.

Exhaling slowly, she felt momentary relief at her escape before she registered where she was. The room was dark save for flashing lights. The music was louder in here, and the smell of sweat was heavy in the air. People danced to the music, moving, grinding, panting. The sheer sensuality of the atmosphere eradicated the fear of being caught and pulled her into the room.

Lea slithered deeper into the crowd, felt a hand run over her breast as she passed a dancing couple. Someone else touched her ass, groping it shamelessly. She closed her eyes, inhaled deeply, and swayed with a body as it pressed against her.

Okay. Maybe she didn’t have to leave; maybe she could find someone in this room to help ease the ache inside of her. Afterward, she could slip out, go home, and do her damnedest not to imagine Tom in red leather every time she saw him. Decision made, she rolled her hips back against the body behind her, and felt a cock hard against her ass. The man pulled her closer and muttered his approval when she leaned even farther into him. Her head fell back on the man’s shoulder. He moved his palm higher until it covered the fullness of her breast where it threatened to fall out of the corset.

She moved with him, gyrated, and when another body pressed against her front, she gasped out of the sheer pleasure of having two men rubbing against her. A hard cock at her back, another against her stomach, and then lips on her neck. She’d never imagined having two men before, but right now, these men could do as they pleased and she wouldn’t protest.

Opening her eyes, she was about to suggest they take her somewhere with a bit more privacy, when her gaze fell on a familiar face and her entire being froze. There, just a few feet away, Tom stared at her and the two men. His mouth was opened in shock, but his eyes were hot with lust.

Lea forgot how to move, how to breathe as she and Tom stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity. The man behind her squeezed her breast, ground his cock against her harder, and the man in front licked her neck from shoulder to earlobe. And she simply stood there, watching Tom watching her.

Finally, he blinked and the trance was broken. She wasn’t sure what she felt in that moment, other than surprise. Maybe a bit of shame. She respected Tom like no other, and he’d caught her at her worst.

Yet, her lust had been all about him. She imagined him not only behind her groping her tits, but also in front of her nipping at her neck. Two of him. Two Toms. Two fantasies in one.

To have him actually present as two strangers touched her body, thrilled her in a way she didn’t fully understand.

Her gaze lowered. Tom’s cock was erect within those damned tight pants. She was exhilarated. Usually one look from him turned her into an awkward mess. But now, he looked at her and lusted, gave her power she’d never had before.

She lifted her gaze to his and rotated her hips. Licking her lips, she reached for the man in front of her and pulled him closer. She wrapped her leg around him. Her dance partner rammed his crotch against her. The trio moved in time with the music, a sensual dance that left very little to the imagination. All three were sweaty as they groped at and ground their scantily clad bodies. The men put their mouths on her neck, on her face, but she didn’t kiss them in return. Instead, she watched Tom, made sure he saw this side of her which she’d kept so carefully hidden.

The song ended, but her partners didn’t let her go until she pushed them off her. She walked away, ignoring their protests. Clearly they thought they’d found a sure thing, and she would’ve been had it not been for Tom’s presence.

Lea stared at him as she walked toward him. She didn’t know where her courage came from, this new-found ability to look into his beautiful eyes and not trip over her killer heels and fall flat on her face. Yes, she’d done that before.

She swallowed as she neared him. “Good evening, Mr. Malcolm,” she purred. Jesus! Who was she right now?

“Miss Grayson,” he said in the deep voice that never failed to send a tidal wave of lust washing over her. “When you said you were going to a costume party this weekend, I had no idea it would be the same one I was attending.” He looked down, his gaze lingering over her breasts. “You make a lovely she-devil.”

She made a show of looking over him as well. His cock was still hard. She grinned and gave him a come-hither look. “You look quite devilish yourself.”

“So. Um. We, uh, apparently run in the same circles. To be invited to the same party, I mean.”

Lea grinned as he stumbled over his words. How the tables had turned. He was the one looking uncertain, lacking confidence, while she stood tall before him. “Apparently.”

He ran his fingers through his hair and looked around the room, stopping at one of the caged dancers. Lea suspected he would use the scene to continue making small talk, but she didn’t want to hear it. She didn’t want to keep dancing around her lust for him. Her body was on fire and no amount of random fucking would put it out. She needed him. She needed his hands on her, his body between her thighs, his cock buried deep inside her.
Before he could comment on the dancer, she stepped a bit closer. “What happens outside the office, stays outside the office.”

He turned and appeared surprised, either by her words or her sudden closeness or both. “Uh, uh, yes. Of course, Miss Grayson. Your personal life is, uh … yours. And I expect the same courtesy. I really don’t need the office staff knowing I go out dressed in red leather.”
Lea swallowed, knowing it was now or never. “My silence for a dance?”
She grinned as he glanced at her cleavage … again.

Rather than repeat herself, she reached for his hand and pulled him deeper into the mass of bodies. When they were sufficiently surrounded, she stopped and turned to face him. He looked uncertain, and she suspected he was going through all the corporate rules he was breaking―thinking how this was unacceptable for a man in his position. What they were about to do could get them both fired.

She moved closer, determined that if she got nothing else from him, she would have this dance. She would have a few precious moments of feeling his body rub against hers, even if they weren’t naked and interlocked as she wanted.

Putting her hands on his hips, she closed the gap between them. Tom’s cock pressed into her, just below her exposed belly button. His erection was big and firm, and it would give her pleasure if she ever had a chance to feel it inside her. His breath was hot and moist against her face as it left him in quick, short spurts. Her gaze fixed on his eyes and she rolled her hips into him. He stood motionless, apparently not certain if he should be doing this.

She slid her hand up his chest and over his shoulder, then she threaded her fingers in his hair and pulled him to her. Her breasts connected with his chest, and she heard him groan.
Lea took one of Tom’s hands and placed it on her hip. He squeezed her tightly. As the tempo of the music picked up, she turned her body and pressed her back against his chest and, as with her last partner, dropped her head onto his shoulder.

Letting her inhibitions melt away, she ground against him. She’d gone this far, why the hell should she stop now? If he fired her, and he very well could, at least she’d walk away with the next few moments burned in her memory.

Tom’s breath flowed over her neck in a long slow wave. Her stomach clenched in response. His hand tentatively slid around her bared midriff, a light touch that grew in intensity. By the time his arm was fully around her, he was pulling her tightly against him.

The next time she ground her hips, he moved with her. He lowered his head, his breathing rougher, faster, as they found a rhythm that would be the perfect pace for fucking. Her heart nearly exploded when his other hand ran down the outside of her thigh.

God, please let him touch my pussy. Please.

But he didn’t. He moved his hand back up and over her stomach, then to brush over her breasts before he cupped her face. He turned her head and put his lips to her ear. “I need your word that this doesn’t leave here.”

Lea reached up and gripped the back of his head. “This doesn’t leave here.”

A sound, something like a growl, rumbled through him, and a moment later he firmly gripped her breast just as his mouth covered her neck, his teeth gently but firmly sinking into her flesh.

She gasped as the shockwave of his kiss rolled through her. He licked the length of her neck and then bit her earlobe. She reached behind him with her other hand, the one that wasn’t fisting his dark hair, and grabbed his ass, pulling him to her, needing to feel his dick against her.

The party was forgotten. The other guests disappeared from her thoughts. There was only Tom and the music and the goddamned inferno between her legs. Only this time, he was there. When his fingers kneaded the fullness of her tit, she ground her teeth.

Holy shit. Holy shit.

The muscles of her pussy tightened, contracting hard as the sensation of his body rubbing against hers overwhelmed her. She groaned as she realized she was coming, right there on the fucking dance floor. She bit her lip to stop from screaming as she tensed against him, but she couldn’t stop the gasps that left her.


All he’d done was squeeze her tit and lick her neck and he’d given her the best orgasm she’d had in a long time.

She thought she was fairly discreet. Sure, she’d moaned, but the music was loud. No one could’ve possibly heard her, could they? Then Tom’s mouth moved over her neck, and another wave moved through her.

She dug her nails into his thigh as her muscles spasmed with the aftershocks. “Oh, my God,” she moaned.

“Jesus Christ, Lea,” he breathed in her ear.

He’d never called her by her first name before. It was almost as erotic as coming for him surrounded by all these people.

Turning in his arms, weak from her orgasm, she covered his mouth with hers and pushed her tongue between his lips, not caring if he wanted her to or not. Her heart almost burst with joy when he kissed her back just as deeply.

Finally, after what could’ve been an eternity, Tom pulled back and looked down at her. “What happens outside the office—”

“Stays outside the office,” she finished.

“There’s got to be a vacant room around here somewhere.” He grabbed her hand and pulled her off the dance floor. “Shall we find it?”

“If we don’t, I’m going to fuck you right here.”

He grinned and she was happy the idea of pubic sex hadn’t offended him. He merely pulled her closer and led her out of the room. Working their way down a hallway, Tom opened one door and then apologized to the couple who’d already claimed it.

After shutting the door, they proceeded to the next room and again Tom lifted his hand in apology.

“You can join us,” a woman called.

“Maybe next time,” Tom answered causing Lea to chuckle.

The third time was the charm. Tom opened a door and they walked inside. He grinned as he turned to her. Lea couldn’t help but return his smile. The room was a home office, complete with a big oak desk and a high back chair, similar to what Tom had in his office.
He closed the door behind them, locked it, and then exhaled slowly.

Lea wondered what the next step would be and realized he seemed to be having a similar reaction and looked at her to take the lead. Again she marveled that the man who was always so in control seemed so unsure of himself now. She liked it, though. She walked to the desk and then trailed her fingers across it. “Tell me something, Mr. Malcolm. Have you ever imagined bending me over your desk and fucking me?”

He hesitated before answering. “Yes.”

“Have you ever imagined me on my knees, sucking your cock as you sit in your chair?”


“Well,” she grinned, “tonight’s your lucky night, isn’t it?”

He smiled as well. “Yes.”

“Come here, Mr. Malcolm.”

He walked to her, stopping just inches from where she stood. She held his gaze as she released the clasps on his vest and slowly pushed it off his shoulders. As she unhooked the button and eased down the zipper on his pants, she let her gaze take in his chest. His muscles were toned, not overly so, just enough to indicate he took care of himself. His nipples were dark against his tanned skin. She leaned in and flicked her tongue over one. He hissed.

Then his pants were undone, and he pushed them over his hips.

Lea grasped his dick. He inhaled between clenched teeth. She looked down and sighed. She’d fantasized about his cock so many times, but nothing compared to the reality. It was big, thick, the head rounded, and every single inch begged to be loved by her.

“Sit down, Mr. Malcolm,” she commanded. And he did; his eyes glowing with desire. She stood between his knees, looking down at him. “How can I help you, Mr. Malcolm?”

He exhaled a quivering breath. “Put my cock in your mouth, Miss Grayson.”

“Yes, sir.” Lea eased to her knees, wrapped her hand around the base, and guided his dick between her lips.

Tom tangled his fingers in her hair and moaned.

She then took him slowly, deeply, into her mouth. She couldn’t take his entire length, so she used her hand to stroke what she couldn’t swallow. Up, down, up, down, she moved her mouth over his length. Sucking, licking, tasting the thing she’d desired for so long.

Tom moved his hips, fucking her mouth. When she sensed he was getting close, she pulled back. He wasn’t finishing this, not yet and not like this. While she had no qualms about sucking him off, she wanted to feel his dick inside her. Letting his cock slip out of her mouth, she looked up, licked her lips, and smiled at the intense look on his face.

“Anything else I can do for you?” she asked, lifting her brow suggestively.

“Stand up.” His voice was lower than normal, guttural. His hot stare never left her as she stood. He brushed his hands up her thighs and then tugged her panties down. “Sit on the desk.”

She did.

“Spread your legs and lie back.”

When she was where he’d ordered, he traced his hands up her thighs, this time pushing her skirt up, and then gripped her hips.

Lea swallowed when she felt the heat of his breath between her legs. He inhaled her scent and groaned. A moment later, his mouth was kissing her slit. Then he sucked her clit. His tongue flicked over it mercilessly; her back arched and she grabbed handfuls of his hair, holding him to her.

Tom stuck his tongue deep inside of her, then licked up and down before returning to suck her clit again. When he shoved several fingers into her, she cried out, wrapped her legs around his shoulders, and pulled him to her as she screamed through another orgasm.
He licked her come and then nuzzled and kissed her, easing her down from her climax. When she relaxed onto the desktop, he peppered gentle kisses over her lower stomach and thighs.

Dear God, now she could die happy.

“Stand up, Miss Grayson,” he ordered after moans had quieted to loud panting.

Tom helped her stand and then wrapped her in his arms as he kissed her deeply.
Lea could taste herself on his lips, something she’d never found to be erotic until that very moment.

When she’d been thoroughly kissed, he broke away.

Lea dug into a hidden pocket in her corset, pulled out a rubber, and tore the packet open.
Tom nibbled his way down her neck as she rolled the protection over his cock. When the condom was in place, she turned, bent over the desk, and held her breath with anticipation.

“You are so fucking beautiful.” Tom ran his hands over her ass. “So lovely.” Then he gripped her hips and placed the head of his cock at her pussy opening.

Lea closed her eyes. How long had she fantasized about this? How long had she needed this? Probably from the beginning, from the day he’d hired her over a year ago. But none of her fantasizing or playacting could have prepared her for the perfection of him sliding into her.

She gasped as he slowly filled her. He pulled out slightly, then thrust in deeply. He did so again as she tilted her ass into the air, giving him as much access as she could. He filled her fully again and again. They moved together, in and out, around and around. She moaned, he grunted, and they both panted for what seemed an eternity.

Lea came again, and her body milked his, demanding his release.

She knew he was getting close when he shouted her name, “Miss Grayson, oh God, Miss Grayson.”

She screamed in return. “Harder, Mr. Malcolm, fuck me harder.”

And he did.

And when he came, triggering yet another orgasm for her, Lea could’ve sworn her heart swelled as much as her cunt contracted. She loved him. She’d loved him for a long time, but damn it, now she really loved him.

Lea closed her eyes, pushing her emotions away as he pulled his spent dick from her.
Breathing heavily, Tom discarded the condom in the office trash and snagged several tissues from the container on the desk.

She smiled and thanked him when he handed them to her. They silently took a moment to clean themselves and get their clothes back in order.

Lea expected him to walk out at that point. Instead, Tom stepped forward and kissed her. His kiss was tender and loving, and her love for him hit her again even harder.

Tom pulled back and hugged her to him. “I’ve wanted you for so long.”

Her eyes widened with surprise. “You have?”

“Since the day I hired you.”

Lea hugged him as she buried her face in his chest so he wouldn’t see her tears of joy. “Me too.”

“You know the rules.”

She nodded and braced herself for what she knew he’d say. He couldn’t lose his job over her. This was it. This one night. This would never happen again.
“I know.” She sighed, her heart breaking.

“So … no office sex. Despite how damned tempting it’s going to be.”

What was he saying? She’d heard a “but” in his voice. She looked up at him and asked the question in her heart with her eyes.

Tom grinned. “However … you know the trip to Denver I have next week?”


“I’m pretty certain I’m going to need you there. And probably on the trip I have the week after. Where am I going again?”

Lea smiled. “Tulsa.”

“Right. Tulsa. I’ll need you in Tulsa, Miss Grayson.”

“I’ll clear my schedule, Mr. Malcolm.”

He kissed her again. “And I’ll need your assistance on any trip I’m taking after that.”

Tom wrapped his arm around her, and they started for the door. He stopped when he noticed something on the floor. “My invitation. It must have fallen from my pocket when you were tearing my clothes off.”

Lea chuckled, mostly because she couldn’t deny his words. She had torn his clothes off.
Tom picked it up and showed it to her. She grinned and tugged hers from where she’d hidden it in her corset.

Holding her half out, she grinned as he put his against it, reuniting the torn pieces of The Lovers.

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