Happy Halloween

I feel like I’m in a time warp. Yesterday, it was May and I was releasing Spring Training. Now, it’s freaking HALLOWEEN and Shadow of Sin releases in ONE WEEK! Then, just a few weeks after that, we will be celebrating an anniversary here at Love, Lust and Laptops.

These are all wonderful, beautiful things … but still. Time warp. 🙂

Okay, back to my topic for today. It’s Halloween. All Hallows’ Eve. A night when ghosts come out and roam among the living – or when kids take to the streets and pedal for candy – depending on which lore you follow. Either way, it’s a night of costumes, sugary goodness, and things that go bump in the night.

I’ve just returned from a ten-day vacationIMG_2448 that took me to twelve different states. One of the greatest things I saw is fitting for a day like today. It was a tiny graveyard. Nothing special about that, right? Wrong. This graveyard was attached to a Duncan Donuts. Of course, on the east coast, you can’t spit without hitting a Duncan Donuts … but I’m going to guess the graveyard was there first.

I love old graveyards. I’ve been to cemetaries from Salem to Savannah and all over the west, I’ve seen some very interesting headstones. Women who’d been burned at the stake, men killed in a duel and outlaws who’d been shot in the back. I don’t know why I’m so fascinated, but I can lose myself wandering the rows, easily losing track of my time as I step into theirs. 525867_2449899183067_1161695156_nMy one regret on my recent trip was I didn’t go into an awesome looking graveyard I drove by in New Castle, NH. It had a sign on one side that read “Prospector’s Burial Ground” and was adorned by two iron doors, turned green with age, and couldn’t have been more than 3-4 feet in height. Maybe next time.

What are your favorite things about All Hallows’ Eve? Do you have any special traditions?

Whatever you’re doing tonight, may you all be safe and free from ghostly pranks!

Until next time…don’t forget. November 6th for Shadow of Sin! Caleb will be waiting for you!

5 thoughts on “Happy Halloween

  1. Ooh! I love old graveyards. One of my best Halloween memories is when my boys where in Beavers. We did our first haunted graveyard walk in a historic graveyard where we lived, with costumed interpreters, telling us about who was buried there. So much gruesome fun! Happy Halloween Parker. Be good…


  2. I’m handing out candy tonight to soggy, brave trick-or-treaters (Twix and M&Ms) — well, maybe, They might come tomorrow night. Our area of the country is urging parents to postpone to Friday night because of strong wind and thunderstorms.

    When I was a kid, we actually did two nights of trick-or-treating, that way you could figure out who had the “good” candy. 🙂 My mom and dad would sit on the floor with us kids after the first night’s haul and pick out what they liked. Then the next night, actually Halloween, we’d change our costumes and go back and hit the high-end stuff mom and dad liked again. Yes, our parents were candy pimps.

    And Shadow of Sin – CAN. NOT. WAIT!


  3. Actually unless its family – which I find peaceful – most graveyards give me the creeps! Not sure why but unless I have a connection to the people buried around me I don’t feel safe. Probably a zombie apocalypse survival skill I didn’t know about. lol

    Halloween was nice – handed out to around 30 kids which was FIVE TIMES what we had last year! Good thing we always buy extra extra just in case – leftovers are a good thing 😉

    So excited for Shadow in Sin! Can’t believe its November already.


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