The Princes Needed

With my November release of The Princes Needed  I will have come to the end of an era. My semi-historical series marked my return to writing and it’s been a year in the marking. But the final book, Wilhem’s story, is coming to LSB on November 19th. Keep reading for an exciting excerpt!


As an advisor to King Talin, Wilhem Moseley hides his torment behind a veneer of joviality. Charity, the princess of Aronia, is in search of happiness. Their attraction is
immediate. But can a woman searching for joy find it with a man hiding from the
demons of the past?


She made the last turn, the one she knew would take her to the hidden alcove. A bench was shaded the overhanging branches of an oak tree. It was her favorite spot of the hedge maze. But today the bench wasn’t empty.

She pulled up short, smothering a gasp. Wilhem sat with his eyes closed, his body swaying slightly as he hummed to himself. Leave now before you do something to embarrass yourself. Instead she took a step toward him, then another. She was like a moth to the flame. She couldn’t turn away from him.

He didn’t appear to have noticed her. His handsome face seemed tense. Worry lines creased his brow and turned down the corners of his lips. She took the opportunity to revel in his beauty. His close-cropped brown hair wasn’t fashionable, yet it suited him. His head was perfectly shaped, curving down into a square jaw and strong chin. His skin was dark, proclaiming the hours he’d spent in the sun. His complexion was perfectly, evenly tanned.

His firm body was clothed in black breeches and an open-necked shirt. A hint of hair peeped through the opening. She recalled the way he’d looked without his shirt. She trembled at the memory of his sweat-dampened chest and rippling muscles. What would he feel like? Would his skin be smooth to the touch like her own? Her fingers twitched with the need to find out.

Maybe she made noise, or maybe he just sensed her, but his eyes popped open. The color was startling, more green than usual, the blue overtaken by the green that surrounded them. He didn’t say anything, only watched her as one would a startled fawn. Uncomfortable with his perusal, she shuffled forward. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to disturb you.”

A smile replaced his frown. “A beautiful woman is well worth the distraction.”

Heat warmed her cheeks and she stumbled to a stop. “Why do you say that?”

“Say what?”

She took a deep breath to steady her nerves. “Call me beautiful. I’m not, you know.”

His brows lowered and shaded his gaze. “You are to me.”

Bliss hit her heart and sent ripples skittering across her body. No hint of dishonesty could be detected in either his tone or expression. He thinks I’m beautiful? Joy filled her. She forced her voice to remain calm. “What are you doing here?”

“Escaping.” His words were more whisper than said aloud.

She spoke in an undertone as well. “From what?”

He blinked, but it didn’t disguise the flames of … what? Anger? Remorse? … that appeared. “It doesn’t matter.”

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2 thoughts on “The Princes Needed

    • Thanks, Moni! I’ve been lucky with the covers for this series. Beautiful, all of them. And yes, I am proud to have reached the conclusion of it.


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