What’s coming from Lynn and Theodora!

Ashland Starting with Lynn’s latest release, WereWolf Fight League: Ashland, will be out tomorrow Nov. 5th, from Loose Id and available at all the usual shopping sites. If you read the first WWFL book, Tor, you’ll remember Ashland as one of the sparring partners for Tor. Ashland got his book! I know a lot of readers insisted on it and thought it was their idea, but I had him planned from the beginning! I wanted to tell his story, about he and his trainer Dan Stoltz. Dan’s got one rule – don’t fuck the slaves. But Ashland makes Dan want to break all his rules. Ashland’s only known pain and horror at the hands of his previous master. How will Dan know if Ashland really wants him, or is just doing what a slave should do – let his master take his body, but never his soul or his heart?
Here’s the link – http://www.loose-id.com/newest/coming-soon/werewolf-fight-league-ashland.html

mccallansblood mccallansheart Up next for Theodora Lane is the re-release of McCallan’s Blood, with a new hot and sexy cover! On Nov 11th, Liquid Silver Books will release both McCallan’s Blood and McCallan’s Heart! I love these two books about the McCallan’s, a small family of werewolves living in central Louisiana. In McCallan’s Blood, you’ll meet the alpha of the pack, Jake McCallan and his little brother Trey. Trey’s been a bad boy and as usual, Jake is left cleaning up the mess. Only this time, Trey’s gotten a woman pregnant. To make matters worse Jake meets Rebecca and discovers that she is his mate. And she’s had his brother’s baby. Jake will do anything to protect her and his nephew, even if he has to kill Trey to do it.

In McCallan’s Heart we meet the absent sister Victoria, or Tori as she’s known to friends and family. She’s left home, tired of being in the midst of a werewolf boy’s club she can never be a member of. She’s fed up with alpha werewolves, and if she never meets another one that’s fine by her. But she does meet one – Russ Magnus – a rogue wolf. When death and danger force them into fleeing together, the only place to go is home to the McCallan lands. But will Russ be in more danger once they get there? He’s a rogue wolf, and for Jake, rogues should be killed, putting Tori in the middle of her pack, her new mate and a killer.
Here’s the link for pre-orders – they’re on sale now! http://www.lsbooks.com/pre-order-coming-soon-romance-books-c322.php
underamoonlitnight And don’t forget, in Under a Moonlit Night, I have a novella about Carrie McCallan, the matriarch of the McCallan clan. She’s going to get remarried and she’s got a huge secret to tell Leon Wong, her fiance. But will sharing her secret tear them apart? Or will Leon’s secret be the one that breaks them apart?
Buy link http://www.lsbooks.com/under-a-moonlit-night-p789.php

Well, that’s it for this year. Can’t wait to tell you about what’s coming next year for both Lynn Lornez and Theodora Lane in my next post. Hopefully I’ll have some great news!

5 thoughts on “What’s coming from Lynn and Theodora!

  1. Lynn/Theodora– Congrats on the new release. And, yum, love the new covers for the McCallan books. Loved those books – but you know me, I love me some wolf shifters (and bears, too, but wolfies have always been my favorite). Can’t wait to see what’s next for both your personalities.


  2. Lynn those boys of yours look even better on the new covers. I loved Carrie and Leon – somehow I didn’t connect her with these boys which is silly. Next week huh – I got some reading to do!


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