Edits Edits Edits

You know what I’m in the middle of right now? Edits.

Perfect timing considering I was attempting to do NaNoWriMo. Whose silly idea was that anyway?? Oh…wait….that would be me.

So that’s my excuse for getting this post up late, well it is late this side of the world, perhaps it’s not your side……so hay…I’m not late and in no way did I panic when I realised it was my posting Wednesday…nope not at all *shifty eyes*

The biggest problem with my edits, and this is my fault, is my addiction to the words THAT and HAD. Now this isn’t just a small addiction, on no I never do things by half, no this is the type of addiction where, previously, I’ve had nearly 30 “had” in a five paragraph space…..I’ll just let that sink in for a second……

Ah, that gasp of shock, yeah that right there shows you exactly how addicted I am.

My editor is great, she understands that I’ve an addiction and she acts accordingly, most by deleting them and then there are the threats……..man she can be mean I tell ya……

Am I alone in this? Are there words out there that you find you write or say more than  you should…?

Come on you know there is…..right????

Sorry to keep this short, but those edits, the day job and NaNo are calling me…..so until next time…

Remember……Ginger….more than just a cooking ingrediant……just saying….

4 thoughts on “Edits Edits Edits

  1. I love the word “so”. I can use it at least once in every sentence if I’m not careful. It looks terribly unprofessional to over use words like that and my boss wouldn’t notice it, so I have to watch myself.


  2. We lawyer types use “that” a lot — so I have had to learn to spot the pesky little bugger and delete when not absolutely needed. I like “so” also. 🙂

    And ginger — not just a spice — heh heh — yes, I got it. I am well-read – that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


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