Plotting Ahead

MM_TPC2_PrimeSelection_3_x_4primeobsessionWith the publication of Weather the Storm, it is time to start working on my next book.

No, my next book won’t be another SSI book since my Prime fans have been patiently, and in some cases, not so patiently, waiting for Iolyn’s story. I sort of left a cliff-hanger after the resolution of Huw and Nadia’s story in Prime Selection (bk 2). Yes, I am mean.

However, I am also generous — to celebrate my beginning the last book in the Prime Chronicles trilogy,  read through to the end of this post to see how you can enter to win a free download of Prime Obsession (bk 1).

So, what is Prime Imperative (I have to have a title to write the book – so here it is!) going to be all about?

Well, I have to tie up the rebellion plot line(s) for at least this three-book story arc.  I have left hints that the main rebellion plot line is all about a non-lineal Caradoc family member using the Pure Blood fanatics to do the scut work so he or she can swoop in and establish their Caradoc branch as leaders of the Prime.   Since Wulf and Huw have found their gemates and could be producing children, and it looks like Iolyn has a chance at his happy-ever-after with a gemate and progeny — this non-lineal Caradoc had better get to work.

Of course, he or she have set the fuse ablazing with some really reactionary fanatics — and may not have the control he or she thinks they have.  That creates a second rebellion plot line (hinted at in previous books) and that part of the book is up in the air, since I have NOT introduced any main characters from the underground of the Pure Bloods yet. Or have I?  Yes, I am evil.

The main plot line in Prime Imperative begins with Iolyn and gang going across the Milky Way to rescue his mate, Dr. Brianna Martin, from an unknown danger — one of her making, not of the Pure Bloods’ or the devious Caradoc family member’s.  So, the beginning of the book will show the danger she is in, her call to the Galactic Alliance for help (which was featured at the end of Prime Selection), hooking Iolyn up with Brianna, then a bit of danger from rebels and unknown enemies as they go back to Cejuru Prime.

Of course, with two strong-willed Prime, one raised as Prime and one, not —  the couple will dance around each other as they find their role in their new relationship, one that they both wanted but assumed they’d never have. Once they get to Cejuru Prime, then the rebellion plot lines will go into high gear with murder attempts on all the Caradoc gemates.

And, yes, Iolyn even though he has watched his brothers adjust to having strong independent women in their lives will still go all alpha-male on Brianna.  Hey, my male characters are not wusses and neither are my females.

Since the inception of this Prime Chronicles trilogy, I have always known Iolyn would find his gemate, the one whose marking he has carried all these years — the marking that has faded and along with his hopes of his ever finding his perfect mate. I have always known his mate would be Brianna, who didn’t know what she was, but knew she was different than her parents (her adoptive parents). I also knew she went into medicine and then research to find out what she was and why she wasn’t attracted to the men who came onto her — and who attempted to make love to her. (No, she is not a virgin — she tried to have a normal sex life, but it wasn’t “right.”)

Yes, I planned this story line that far out in advance.  In a three-book arc you have to.  So, what was my conception of Dr. Brianna Martin? Here are my notes from my Prime world bible:

Dr. Brianna Martin:   a Lost One.

Gemate of Iolyn Caradoc; 28 years old (at time of Book I); she was marked as an infant before the evacuation of Cejuru Prime.

Brianna has PhDs in genetics, biology, biochemistry from prestigious Earth and Alliance academies.  She is also a Medical Doctor.

Her Prime ship crashed on a planet in the Gliese solar system which has a Terran settlement in the Libra constellation; she was adopted by settlers, John and Mary Martin, raised on a farm, and sent off to school on Tau Ceti system, planet Oz, after her parents discovered how brilliant she was.  Her adoptive parents still live on Gliese 581-C and still farm.  They did not hear about the search for Lost Ones until after Brianna already seeks out the Prime herself.

The Prime ship, carrying mostly small children without parents, crashed after safely ejecting escape pods with the children inside; no adult survivors were recorded.  The children were assimilated into the Terran settlement; a classified report was made to Earth authorities; this Information was never provided to the Galactic Alliance for whatever reason and pre-dated the more recent Prime contact with the Alliance.

Brianna was one of the children who survived; her markings and those of the other survivors were what aroused her interest in genetics.

In book two, she does research on genetic markers for Dr. Lia Morgan for Huw and Nadia and Lia and Joen — this is when Brianna realizes what she is.  She requests permission to go to Cejuru Prime to do research on the infertility of the Prime women and for her own reasons. Brianna now understands her inability to relate to other males. This is her chance to find her mate.

When she is threatened by a male in her lab whom she has rejected (he has his own purely selfish reasons why he wants to be her spouse/mate) and realizes this man is crazy-dangerous — she asks for help from the Galactic Alliance to get her off planet more quickly and to put her in touch with the male who is her perfect match.  She sends an image of her marking, and it is matched to Iolyn.

Brianna’s research will isolate the factor (which will be environmental and specific to Cejuru Prime and which is why she and Mel will easily get pregnant versus the Prime women who live on the planet) that is causing the low birth rate on Prime and is the premier researcher who is working with non-Prime and other hominid species fertility issues.  She successfully assisted Terran-Volusian matings with gene splicing techniques.

In book two, she will be consulted as to why Nadia, a Siberian from Earth, develops a marking with Huw (it is because Nadia was born into a family that originated with a Prime explorer mating with a Siberian woman in the distant past.  The Prime DNA made Nadia empathic and the gemate gene lay dormant until meeting a Prime male.  Brianna will isolate that gene and use it to gene splice into Terran and Volusian women who do not have Prime ancestry and who wish to mate and have babies with Prime males.

This research makes Brianna a target for the true Pure Blood fanatics and also puts her in the rebel leader’s sights since he wants his line to be the only Caradoc line to produce male heirs with any female.

She will also posit that the marking could appear on Prime females from more than one male, but Prime culture prohibits women from seeking an another gemat after losing one.  This will open up mating to Prime women who lost gemats and allow them to seek another genetically compatible partner among single Prime males.  When exposed to a new potential mate, the female’s marking would adapt to the new male.  Sex surrogates taking hormones will be allowed to seek new mates if they so wish – Prime or non-Prime.  This really really ticks off the pure bloods who like the status quo.

So there you have it.  I have had a plan all along.  Bet you thought I worked by the seat of my pants. Nope.  I’m a quasi-pantser. I give myself just enough of a structure and have dedicated goals and then I let my Muse and my very vocal characters take over.

Will all of that back story be in the book?  Nope.  I just needed it to make sure I stayed on task.  I knew all along that Iolyn’s mate would be the one to “fix” the fertility issues and set the fox among the chickens and upset the Prime mating status quo.  It should be a fun book — now I just have to write it.  🙂

Oh, and to all my fans:  Patience is a virtue.

In celebration of starting the final book in the Prime Chronicles trilogy, one lucky commenter will win a free download of the first book, Prime Obsession. To be entered, make a comment and share why you like scifi romance OR in the alternative, share your other favorite scifi romances (besides mine, of course). I will pick a winner on Friday, November  8th  after 5 pm (EST) and announce it here and e-mail the winner.  Thanks!

19 thoughts on “Plotting Ahead

  1. Patience is a virtue, Moni. Too bad they don’t hand it out to us authors, because I know I could use it here and there. Congrats on the new release! Once everything settles down at home, I am picking it up.


  2. I get the notion of planning out the entire arc of a book series, but I’m betting knowing the basic idea for each character’s story does not make for quiet characters. Forget patience for the author or the readers, how do you keep the characters from nagging your ear off for their turn?


    • Well, Nickie, that is the problem. They all want their story next.

      I did bump Risto in fronof Vanko for the SSI series, but only after he convinced me his story needed to be next to set up the rest of the books. And he was right.

      Several SSI books got bumped ahead of Prime Selection, because Huw didn’t know what in the hell he wanted and his story arc was not clear. Heck, while I was writing it, I had several people talk me off the ledge right alongside of Huw. Finally, I got into his psyche and realized why he was being an ass wipe about his feelings for Nadia and then the story broke open.

      Iolyn has always been the more calm Caradoc brother, so he has been patiently waiting because his story is the final one and he knows he will get his HEA. He is totally accepting of Brianna and will accept nothing less than her total acceptance of him and will do anything and everything to make sure that happens. It should be fun.

      Thanks for asking.


  3. Hmm. I can’t say I’ve read much sci-fi romance. My first impulse was to say I haven’t, but after thinking a bit I know I have. Linnea Sinclair’s Gabriel’s Ghost wasn’t bad, though it had some problems. I’ve heard it gets better as you go along the series. I read the first few of Robin Owen’s Celta series (Heart Mate I think was the first) and like them. They’re sort of sci-fi-ish, though I’d put them closer to fantasy probably. And I remember reading a book called Shielder years ago that I liked – by Catherine Spangler I think is the author’s name (something very close to that anyway).

    I’m always a fan of the fated mate trope, so your Prime series sounds quite interesting, and I know from reading Weather the Storm that I love your characters, so here’s hoping this is answer enough to qualify as an entry 😉


    • I love Linnea Sinclair — she is a long-time friend and is the inspiration for the Prime Chronicles series (she’s a character in book 1 and I dedicated book 2 to her). My fave of hers is Games of Command with Sass and Kel-Paten. Accidental Goddess is a good one also. I loved Spangler’s scifi books and wonder whatever happened to her. Hmmm. Robin Owen’s are more fantasy in my mind.

      Your answer definitely qualifies as an entry.


  4. Thanks for sharing a glimpse into how you write and learning more about Brianna. I’m not so sure about having patience though. Must we really?

    Scifi is my favourite romance genre. There’s something about the creativity of creating a whole new world where things & people are different. Apart from yourself of course, I really love S.E. Smith.
    I’m looking forward to Prime Imperative and if I must be patient, I will.


      • Congrats Michelle!! I have the book – which is why I didn’t comment – so let me know if you wanna do a buddy read sometime! I want to start this series and I know you read slower than me so I can read other stuff at the same time. Yeah I can still do that – so far drugbrain has not stolen that skill.

        Hi Moni! I bet you will be finished bk 3 and have it ready about the time I am ready to read it! YAY 🙂


  5. Well, I just discovered you through an amazon recommendation. I love your imagination and talent. I have purchased all your books but my favourite is Prime Obsession. Will patiently await your future endeavours. A new fan.


    • Brenda —

      Thank you so much. I am working on Prime Imperative (book 3) right now. I have to reacquaint myself with all book one and two’s scenes and characters so I can (cross my fingers) not make huge story logic errors in book three. 🙂 Love getting new fans!


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