Love, Lust, and Carrot Juice

Lately haven’t been feeling quite right. Just blah. You know. Blah. That’s not like me. I’m usually pretty peppy and annoyingly sarcastic. But I haven’t been and I knew what the problem was. Being a full-time writer has given me an opportunity to adopt a sedentary lifestyle, and I was all over it. I used to be incredibly active. I used to not only manage a gym, but was a personal trainer. So when I started feeling bad, I knew what I was doing wrong. I just couldn’t seem to find the motivation to do anything about it.

But as my blahs got blah-ier, I knew it was time for a change. Now, even though I used to exercise every day and know how invigorating it can be, I’m not the kind that can just jump into a healthy lifestyle and stick with it. I have to wean myself off all the things that I love more than I love my size four jeans.

Crispy thick-cut onion rings and golden steaming-hot fried potatoes are the closest to heaven I’ll ever get. But they are so damn bad for me. So, a while back I cut fried stuff out. Completely. L

I’ve never been a coffee or soda drinker, but I can pound away a pot of hot tea sweetened to the hilt with processed sugar. Take me to a tea bar and you’ll be dragging my Earl Grey drunk ass home. I cut that back to one cup a day with just a touch of cane sugar. (Baby steps!)

But the big shift came when I sat down with Mr. Mancini and we watched a documentary called Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead (watch it free on Hulu here). That was an eye opener if ever I had one. It wasn’t about getting thin (not that I’d mind losing fifteen pounds or so), or about going over-the-top insane with being healthy and fit. It wasn’t some guy pushing his product or promising results if you just pay $19.95 a month to join his club.

It was about making the right choices so your body can heal. It was about stopping the cycle of hurting yourself with food, and feeding that hurt with pills.

It was about me.

So, one week ago today, I did it. Well, I did it my way. I’m not on a completely juice diet. I eat solid fruits and veggies with a few carbs for lunch and a small portion of white meat at dinner, but for the most part, I’m drinking my way to a better me.

My poor juicer, which sat sad and lonely on a shelf for the last three years, is now my best friend. A few apples with a dash of cinnamon are the perfect combination when I’m craving something sweet. Who would have thought that carrots, oranges, and grapes could taste so damn good together?

Mr. Mancini is in on this too, which I never thought I’d ever, ever, EVER see! He’s not a friend of the vegetable kind. Even so, he likes kale, cucumber, spinach, and apples.

We’ve been doing this for a week now. Seven whole days. So, has it made a difference?

Hell. Yes.

I can think clearly again. I have energy. Three days ago, I hopped on my stationary bike and peddled my way through several Michael Jackson tunes. Who’s bad? I’m bad, bitches. I even went for a jog. Okay, that didn’t last long, but I got off my ass and did it! I haven’t taken my OTC allergy pills for four days because I simply don’t need them, I’m not having drainage problems. I haven’t taken a sleeping pill in five days. I’m sleeping. Without drugs.

Mr. Mancini? He says his energy is up as well. He hasn’t been as ambitious about expending it as I have. He hasn’t gotten on the bike or jogged, but he says he is more alert and productive at work. So much so that his co-worker commented on it yesterday. He says he’s not as hungry throughout the day, so he’s eating smaller portions at lunch. He hasn’t weighed himself, but I’d venture to say he’s lost more than I have (which is seven pounds if you want to know—mostly water weight, of course, but I’m happy about it). He also has stopped his bad habit of eating a snack at 9:30 every night because he isn’t hungry after dinner.

So why am I telling you this? I swear, it’s not because I’m preaching and definitely not because I’m pushing you to do something. But because if you’ve been thinking, like I did for so long, I need to do something, but haven’t found the motivation to do that something yet, this might be worth a try.

It has done amazing things for me and the mister already. I wouldn’t have believed it could make such a difference if I weren’t feeling it myself. If I could actually commit and do the full juice reboot, I’m sure I would be feeling even better. But I admit that I’m weak and I like chewing my food on occasion.

I have no desire in the least to convert people into juicers or push my choice on anyone, but I do want anyone who has considered it to know it is worth a try. It is worth the effort. It is worth people telling you that you must be nuts.

Because if you feel better and you think better and you breathe better and sleep better, does it really matter what anyone else has to say about it?

Here are a few of the recipes that are Mancini Household approved just in case you want to give them a try:

1. Juice 3 carrots, 2 small orange (peeled), handful grapes (red or white), 1 med. apple

2. Juice 4 carrots, 1 apple, 1 lemon

3. (Now known as The Mr. Mancini) Juice 6 leaves of kale, 1 cucumber, 4 stalks of celery, 3 apples cut in half, a small piece of ginger, 1/2 lemon.

4 thoughts on “Love, Lust, and Carrot Juice

  1. LOL’d at the “Who’s bad?” bit! Emilia, you’re preaching to the choir right here. As a gal who has literally ate herself into a disease and procedure most people don’t have until their 50’s, I completely understand where you’re coming from. Sadly, I’ve gotten off track at some point, but I really need to take your advice and get back treating my body better. Great post! (Although I’m going to have to pass on the carrot juice…)


    • Getting off track is so easy. We are going to a wedding tonight and there are going to be 25 different flavored cake balls. Ahhhh…what? Cake balls? 25 flavors? I’m going to limit myself to two. I’ll probably stand at the cake ball table all night trying to decide which two, but I’m limited to two. And only one glass of wine. That’s going to be the real challenge! LOL


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