Honoring and Thanking Our Veterans!

Today is Veteran’s Day, the day we set aside to honor and thank those dedicated, courageous men and women who voluntarily protect our country, our rights, and our freedom. Our armed forces are second to none.

honoringvetsEach and every day, not only on Veteran’s Day, I take a moment to say a special prayer for the safety, health, good fortune, and happiness of those who fight on our behalf. But, today is special, in that we will all recognize our warriors for all they have done for us.

Here are a few ways to make it easy to say thank you:

Send a Thank You Card to the Troopshttp://action.uso.org/moments?sc=google-p_moments-s&utm_source=google-p&utm_medium=search&utm_campaign=moments&donate=WW13GGPSM1&gclid=COKRpOGu27oCFUkV7AodFi4AgA

Donate a Moment – this project donates free phone cards, care packages, and more to our troops: https://secure.uso.org/1311_MMN/?sc=WW13MMNSP1

Share a Moment on Twitter – share a memory of a loved one who served in the military, your grandfather, great uncle, son, or husband: #USOMoments

Create a Moment – cook dinner for your neighbor’s soldier son or send him a care package, find out if there are wounded warriors in your area and volunteer to help in some way.

Volunteer at a USO centerhttp://www.uso.org/ways-to-volunteer.aspx

Here’s a list of ALL the USO Programs & Projects – http://www.uso.org/programs/

There are many organizations out there, but one that’s closest to my heart is The Wounded Warrior Project.

My deal for you today:

I’ll donate $100 to The Wounded Warrior Project if the total donated today by everyone who visits this blog matches that amount. Here’s the link to donate:


Simply leave your name or email address with the $ donated in a comment here today. We’re on the honor (pun intended) system on this one.

I salute our troops!


8 thoughts on “Honoring and Thanking Our Veterans!

  1. Jianne What a lovely tribute. I do not have the financial means to contribute but I have shared on FB and Twitter and I will say an extra prayer for all those who serve, who did serve and those who stay home and pray for them and miss them as they serve.

    I had one grandfather who served in WWII but the other (and his bothers) were mostly farmers and they were deemed necessary to stay home and care for the farms and the crops and the animals so that people could eat. It was such a different time, even before the war and especially during and afterwards. I can’t imagine living through something like that.


  2. What a lovely post, Jianne.

    My father served in the Army and was in Northern Africa and then Sicily and then traveled all the way up through Italy and then into Germany before coming home in late 1945, right before the end of the war.

    He was a Supply Sergeant and bartered with the local Italian women giving them candy and goods if they would make pasta for the troops. He attributed his flat feet to all the walking he did. Those were about the only things he told me – except every once in a while if there was a place on the news he’d been, he’d say – I was there -and then he shut up. My dad was never much of a talker; he was a stoic. So those rare instances were and are small pieces of him I hold dear.

    Bless all our Troops.


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