Free, did I mention Free…oh and Free

So you know me….I don’t know usually plan things. No, that’s a lie, in my every day life I have many plans and schedules and “to-do” lists. But with writing stories and blogs, I have no plan…..I just open a blank doc and let the words flooooowwwwww.

Today is no different…..I’ve opened this blog and thought to myself what should I write about….and out of the corner of my eye I see the cover for Love in the Cards.

So I think to myself….why not share a bit of Empress. For those of you remember we did a little Halloween short series of free reads, my offering was Empress…. so here is a little snippet


She waited a minute more, letting him truly relax into his submission. When she was sure he was ready, she grabbed a handful of hair and tugged, making sure he felt the pin pricks of pain.

David’s eyes flew open. Lucy bent down, so close she could speak directly into his ear.

“Listen close, brat. I’ve asked you two questions, and you refused to answer either of them. You seem to think you’re in charge here, but you forgot … I don’t work for you anymore. I’m not on my knees in front of you.” She pulled back so he could see her face. “Since you don’t want to answer questions, how about we try obeying my orders instead? Take your clothes off.”

She let him go and stepped back.

For a second, he didn’t move. She could almost see his mind whirling away behind his eyes. Amazed as she was to have David Michaelson on his knees in front of her, she didn’t forget for a second who he was. He was testing her; she’d seen him do this to others a hundred times before.

This time he’d met his match. Lucy was more than capable of handling a stuck-up, bratty sub.

“Fine, you can’t answer questions. You can’t follow orders. Really, I don’t see the point of taking this further. Have a good life, Mr. Michaelson.” She turned and picked up her bag before stepping toward the door. She hadn’t even reached for the lock when his voice stopped her.


If you liked that then the rest of the story is available now….FOR FREE…. FREE I say….. from All Romance E-books, Barnes and Noble and most ebook sellers.

Love in The Cards (small)

Why not have a look….I’m mean you can’t get cheaper than free right??

So until next time…..remember…..a hug can fix more things than you could imagine….unless you are trying to hug me….don’t hug me…..

2 thoughts on “Free, did I mention Free…oh and Free

  1. Oh come on Cherie … just a quick hug. You know you neeeeeeed it!
    *starts walking towards Cherie with arms WIDE OPEN and hands beckoning*
    Come here doll it’ll be all better soon….*crooning voice*


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