What’s In A Name? by Monette Michaels

MM_TPC2_PrimeSelection_3_x_4Okay, the title of this blog is a question, and so I will have to answer it.  But the question is wide-ranging.

Am I talking about naming a book?  Um, yes.

Am I talking about naming characters? Um, yes.

Am I talking about naming new alien races? Um, yes.

From the above, my close friends and much-put-upon family will tell you I am in the throes of getting ready to type Chapter One and starting a new book, specifically Prime Chronicles 3. Yes, I am one of those people who can NOT write word one without having all my ducks, or in this case, names in a row.  Just. Can. Not.

Believe me, I have tried.  Calling it Prime 3 will not work.  Calling the new alien race I need for background for one of the villains, Race X, does not work for me.

And calling the new villain, the guy who forces Brianna to go on the run before Iolyn and the gang can get to Tau Ceti to pick her up, Creep-a-zoid, doesn’t work either. Though Creep-a-zoid is highly descriptive. 🙂 [It’s also a bitch to type.]

As I mentioned last blog, I have come up with a name or title, if you will, for the third book — Prime Imperative.  The title conveys the urgency of Iolyn finding his gemate.  It also implies the need for the Prime race to find a way to ensure the survival of their species — and Brianna and her lab are central to that discovery.  And it also describes the emotions the fanatical Pure Bloods and their shadowy leader feel about stopping Brianna and the Caradocs from issuing in a new era in the Prime history.  A good title that covers all those plot threads.  Yay me!

And when I asked my DH for a good alien race name, he looked at me and said “Dornians.”  My hubby is a man of few words (plus he was watching the Golf Channel and Big Break and wanted me gone.) So, Dornians from the planet Dor in the solar system Dor 991, in the Sagittarius arm of the Milky Way (no, it is not a real solar system, I made it up), it is.

And as for the villain? Well, I used one of those name generator thingies to generate some alien names and sent three of them to my crit buddy, Cherise (um, xoxoxo to you, dear Cheri), because she would be the first one to tell me if the name didn’t work for her.  She is a very honest crit buddy, and I love her even when I whine and bitch and moan and cry when she critiques me.  She is the best.

Anywho [sic], here are the names she had to choose from:

  1. M’tali Saura
  2. Jota Zeni
  3. Vanni M’tali

And she picked?  None of them.  That’s my Cherise.  Did I mention she is honest and that I love her to pieces?  🙂 Instead, she re-arranged them and came up with:  Jotak M’tali. I loved it.

And so Creep-a-zoid is now Jotak M’tali – Jotak for short — and he has his own agenda for wanting Brianna in his bed and as his life partner (Dornians don’t mate as the Prime do). And he will let nothing and no one, not even Brianna’s true Prime mate have her. He saw her first, after all. Well, not really, but Iolyn was an infant and doesn’t recall the last time he saw Brianna before the evacuation of Cejuru Prime over 27 std. yrs before.  And try to explain the gemat-gemate mind-body-spirit bonding to a sociopath, and well, it’s a waste of time and breath. Jotak wants what he wants.

So, now that I have all my names, I can write, yes?

Almost. I still need to get my time lines straightened out.

I can hear you all now:  “It’s always something with you, Monette.”

Yes, it is. But this is what I go through every damn time to write a book for you.  It’s part of my process, and I have learned if I don’t follow it — I can’t write.

10 thoughts on “What’s In A Name? by Monette Michaels

  1. I’m just like you with the names Moni and I need a working title too. Strange how our writing minds operate so differently from our work ones – mine anyway. Love the name Cherise came up with Jotak M’tali – has a great ring to it. Go get it down, woman!


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  3. Love the sneak peak into the next book 😉 and you KNOW we all have our cc poised and ready to buy it. Oh, you have to write it yet. Well ok, we’ll buy something else to read in the meantime LOL Just let us know when you’re ready for us!


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