Carnival anyone?

Coincidentally I’m currently driving through New Orleans, but I’m not going to that kind of carnival! Nope. Not this time. I’m going on a cruise! It’s my third cruise, but I always feel a bit giddy like a kid in a candy store anyway.

The best part of the week will be the lack of internet. No work for five whole days! I’m not going to write or edit or read through this long ARC I have. I’m just going to relax and enjoy the sun and the family. I may read, but only for pleasure. I have my new Kindle Fire all loaded up with fun books–and they aren’t my own!

Also, I’ve only seen the tops of my kids heads for years now. No matter where we go or what we do, everyone has their head dipped down to the gadget in their hands. They have lovely heads, both with very nice hair, but I’m looking forward to seeing their faces since they won’t have internet!

Imagine the meals. All four of us sitting down to long dinners with nothing to do but talk to each other. What will we say? “So, sure wish my Ipad worked in here…” “Man, I miss my video games…” “I wonder what’s happening in the news…”

Ahhh, the life. Five full days. I hope we don’t kill each other and we make great memories. I’m excited. Fun times are ahead!

By the time you all see this post on Tuesday, I’ll be lounging around with a nice adult beverage playing bingo or watching a comedian or getting my butt kicked in some sort of trivia contest.

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving. They’re serving up my turkey on the starboard side this year!


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