New Years resolutions… Cherie Nicholls

Yeah don’t worry I hate those too….

I mean if I wanted to loose 3 stone (42 pounds) I would do it anytime of the year not just at new year.

I never plan on meeting that “special one” for two reasons. One: it’s far to much effort and Two: I have no heart, don’t get me wrong I clearly have a heart because you know…alive…but I don’t have a romantic heart…yep that’s right a romance writer without a romantic heart….shocking right.

So the only new years resolution I plan on making is to learn to Crochet…’s a skill that evades me like an oil covered eel….I will tame it if it’s the last thing I do!! *shakes fist at sky*

So today I am asking one thing….what’s your New Year’s resolution or if that makes you flinch how about the promise you made to yourself….I don’t mean the weight loss one or the new job one….but I know some of you have promised yourselves you’d do something this year….something you’ve been meaning to do for a long time maybe? Come on you know you want to share…..

Just before I go two last things

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!! I really hope that 2014 is full of joy and laughter for you!

and finally….don’t forget that you got your partner that spanking paddle and those hand cuffs they asked for at christmas….now would be the prefect time to see if they are ready to give them their first test drive…..


New Year’s Goals – Lynn Lorenz

New Year’s Goals. That’s right, you heard me. Goals. Not resolutions. I have eschewed those ways.
No longer doing that. Been there. Have the t-shirt and the hat. And frankly, there isn’t any real teeth in a resolution.

But a Goal?
Now, that word has some power. And I love goals. Why? Because they are flexible. A resolution is definite. Solid. No leeway and no
wiggle room. That’s why they fail.
But a goal? You can have a little goal, a big goal or a medium sized goal, and you can make them reachable.

Resolutions, not so much. We just take that word and go all in. Hog wild. Balls to the wall.
And what usually happens? Well, I’m sure you know. Failure. And no one likes to fail. It sucks, depresses, and makes you feel like…a failure.
Why do we do that to ourselves? Beat ourselves up because we are “supposed” to make this “resolution” to do something big. Something most of us
can never do, not without a lot of money, or time, or more strength than we have, or help from others.

Goals can be set so they can be reached. Small, easy bites. Nibbles. Ever notice if you keep nibbling at a cake, eventually, it’s gone?
Goals are like that. And when you reach your goal, you feel great. Wonderful. Inspired. Ready to take on the next goal on the list.

So I’m setting some goals for 2014. I break them up into short (2-6 months), medium (6-12 months) and long (1-5 years). The long term goals I usually reserve
for my “Career” goals.

My Short term goals –
1. Finish Bayou’s Children by Feb 1 and send it in.
2. Start the next Werewolf Fight League
3. Start the Tales From the Salon novellas

My Medium term goals –
1. Finish WWFL and send it in
2. Finish 2 of the Tales From the Salon novellas and send them in
3. Start new m/f Dragon series book

My Long term goals –
1. Retire in 2014 *sometime around summer*
2. Write full time once retired.
3. Start teaching online writing courses in 2015

So there you have it. Easy, attainable goals. Small things, but when they all add up will make for a fantastic year! And for a great next few years.
And the thing that I really love is when you accomplish one goal, you can create another one. So you don’t have to wait until a whole new year rolls around.
You constantly meet those goals and set new ones. And feel like a success! Who doesn’t love that?

Now, will you forget about those stupid resolutions and make some goals with me?
Tell me…what’s your short, medium and long range goals?

Happy Birthday to Christy Gissendaner’s Dad!

Today is my dad’s birthday. So I’m dedicating this post to the man, the myth, the legend…Robert Gissendaner. I’m not  gonna lie. I was a total daddy’s girl. As the only Gissendaner girl born to my family, I was always a bit spoiled. I’m also the oldest granddaughter on my mom’s side, so needless to say I’m a grandpa’s girl as well. Explains a lot, huh?

My dad didn’t have an easy life. At three, he lost his father to a hunting accident. A couple of years later, he lost his mom to cirrhosis. He was shuffled from relative to relative, along with his two older brothers. So my father grew up never truly knowing a real home or familial unit.

At sixteen, he met my mom at a roller skating rink. Quite the story, I’m told. Mom has never, nor ever will be, good at skating. Apparently she once took out the security guard by trying to make a turn on the rink. Then she ran into a curly-haired, muscular young lad whom she likened to Richard Gere and John Travolta.  He skates up, all cool-like, during the couple’s skate and asks my mom to join him. My mom thought he was coming to ask her friend to dance. Instead he chose her.

It was love at first skate…err, sight. One year later, they were married and pregnant with my oldest brother. Then…joy of joys…they has a baby girl three years later. (That would be moi.) Less than two years later came the baby boy.

My father’s family was now complete. We were a gaggle of redheaded children, none taking after our dad with his dark ‘fro. No lie. Dude had the biggest head of curly hair you’ve ever seen. We have pics. I’ve seen the evidence.

In recent years, my dad has battled heart disease, including a heart attack and several bypass surgeries. It turned his dark curls to gray, but hey…he’s not bald! Not bad for a mid-fiftysomething year old, huh?

So, happy birthday, Da-duh! I love you!

New Year Cheer

Happy day after Christmas, naughty readers! I hope all of you had a safe and wonderful holiday! I am currently in a post-Christmas food/cookie coma, so I’ll be brief.

Happy New Year 2014 greeting cardThis is my last post for 2013. It seems strange, that another year has passed in the blink of an eye. I can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store. I foresee … Southern Heat, Game On-Book Twothe third Martin Family novelanother Love, Lust and Laptops FREE anthology (or two) … and a few surprises I can’t talk about yet. All exciting stuff!!

For those of you who don’t know, Rome is a part-time bartender, and New Years Eve falls on his regular night of work this year. So, while he slings drinks to the masses, I’ll be curled up, safe and sound, with a maple whiskey and Coke Zero, Titus, and a good chick flick.

What will you all be doing to ring in 2014?

Thank you all for taking this ride with us. I wish you all a safe and happy new year.

Until next time…

Merry Christmas from Love, Lust, and Laptops

I know, I know, it’s my day to post… But it’s Christmas, and that’s a special day, and I wanted to share it with all my LL&L sisters. So I asked them all for a Christmas wish to share with you. Merry Christmas from all of us! xoxo, V

From Rosanna Leo:

“I’d like to wish all our readers a wonderful holiday season full of peace and love. May you also find time this holiday for some hot reading, sweet loving and time up against the wall. Nipple clamps optional (wink wink). And if you’re feeling a little like Scrooge this Christmas, I’d be happy to send one or more of my heroes to bring you some Christmas cheer.”

From Monette Michaels:

“Happy Holidays from my family to yours. Whatever your success rate might be in keeping your New Year’s resolution, may 2014 bring you happiness.”

From Christy Gissendaner/Robin Danner:

“Happy Holidays from Christy Gissendaner and Robin Danner. May you have the best time ever with your friends, families, and loved ones. Here’s a few things to remember. Don’t eat too much. It’s the thought the counts (except in re-gifting). Beware the fruit cake. And above all else, may your season be merry…and bright (singing)!”

From Becca Jameson:

“Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone from the home of Becca Jameson! I hope all our fans have a wonderful holiday. Eat, drink, and be merry! But not too merry…lol My favorite part about vacation days: more time to read good books! ”

From Vanessa North:

“Happy holidays, dear readers, from my home to yours. I hope your season is full of wonder, joy, love, and peace, and that the new year brings you more of the same.”

From Lynn Lorenz/Theodora Lane:

“May all your Christmas wishes come true and you enjoy a stress-free holiday. Happy reading!”

From Parker Kincade and family:

“We have a Christmas tradition in Kincadia. Instead of exchanging gifts with each other, we make a family donation to a charitable organization. We started this tradition when our kids were small, and it’s my hope they will adopt this tradition, in some form, in their own homes one day. I am so grateful to all the readers, bloggers and reviewers – your support of my work helped to keep our Christmas tradition going strong. I wish you all a happy and healthy holiday season. ”

From Emilia Mancini/Marci Boudreaux:

“Wherever you are, whoever you are with, and however you are celebrating, I hope you have a happy, healthy holiday season. Be good, be kind, and, if at all possible, be a little bit kinky!”

From Jianne Carlo:

“Merry Christmas from Jianne Carlo who’s right now having a shark and bake on Maracas Beach in Trinidad. It’s warm, breezy, the family’s all here, and life is perfect. I hope your holidays are exactly the same.”

From Cherie Nicholls:

“Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you have the most fun fill and enjoyable day! See you in 2014!”

Christmas release from Becca Jameson!

Ah, it’s Christmas, but that isn’t stopping me from releasing books! Hehe! The third book in my Durham Wolves series releases today, Christmas Eve.

Freedom in thFreedomInTheSmokies300e Smokies is the last book in the series, featuring the third brother in the family and everyone’s struggles against the local vampire that has been wreaking havoc in their lives since the Durhams moved to the Smokey Mountains a decade ago.

I hope everyone enjoys this last story! It’s available for download now from most venues.

Have a great holiday everyone. Merry Christmas from my family to yours!

Creative Kids, Christmas Trees, & The Spirit of Giving

We recently spent a week on Hilton Head Island and the resort we stayed at featured in its lobby an incredible display of over a hundred decorated Christmas Trees. All the trees were created by the classes of one of the primary schools on the island. I later learned that all the trees would be auctioned at the Holiday office parties held at the hotel and the proceeds donated to local children’s’ charities. What a wonderful idea – don’t you think?

Every tree proved fascinating and the astounding creativity of even first graders amazed one and all. I spent many a morning enjoying the sumptuous details and, now, two days before  Christmas Day, share them with you.


IMG_1580 IMG_1584 IMG_1582IMG_1575 IMG_1573 IMG_1570IMG_1568 IMG_1567 IMG_1564IMG_1559

Wishing you a happy, family-filled holiday!


Guest Post and giveaway from Allyson Lindt

Hello friends! Today we have a guest post from author Allyson Lindt. Welcome Allyson, and thank you for visiting us! -Vanessa

Thanks so much for having me today, Vanessa, and all of the amazing authors here at Love, Lust, & Laptops. If your readers are willing to stick with me until the end of the post, there are details about a couple of awesome giveaways I’m holding (including one here) to celebrate my new book launch, and links to more posts like this one.

I pondered for while what to write my post about, and it hit me. The holidays are about friends, family, and food. Fortunately for me, Archer, the hero in my new release, Learning New Tricks, is a fantastic cook. I mean, dude makes pancakes from scratch… just because.

Keep in mind though, he’s been a bachelor and living on his own for a while. So when I asked him about his favorite dishes to make, some of his answers were a little… unusual. I’ve tried them all, though, and they’re all tasty.

For instance, this one:

Red bean-paste filled buns

These are not the traditional, Japanese snacks, they’re an American variant. They’re a little sweet, without being too much so, and they make a great snack.


– 1 cup water

– 1 egg

– 2 tbsp butter, softened

– 3 1/4 cups bread flour

– 1 tsp salt

– 3 tsp dry, active yeast

– Red bean paste (Archer buys his from a local Japanese market, because it’s time consuming to make, and he’s never had much luck working with dried beans. But there’s a good recipe here:

If you’d like to make it yourself.

Or you can order it from Amazon if you can’t find it locally:


– I use a 1 1/2 pound bread maker, so for me, I add all the bread ingredients into the bread maker bowl, set the device on its dough setting, and walk away for an hour and a half, when the step is done, remove from the bread maker, and allow the dough to rest on a lightly floured surface for 10 minutes. However, if you’re doing this by hand, no big deal, just:

– (skip this step if you’re using a bread maker) In a small bowl, disolve yeast in water and set aside. In a large bowl, mix sugar, eggs and butter until blended. Mix in 1 cup flour. Mix in yeast mixture. Mix in remaining flour and salt. Knead for 5-10 minutes and then allow to rise on a lightly floured surface.

(remaining steps apply to both methods)

– Divide dough into 12-15 equal parts

– Place on a parchment paper-lined cookie tray and allow to rise for 30-40 minutes (until dough is doubled in size)

– Preheat oven to 350 degrees

– Using your thumb, push divots into the middle of each ball of dough (don’t push all the way through)

– Fill dough with 2 tsp bean paste, and pinch tops closed around paste

– Bake for 12-15 minutes, or until buns are golden brown


If you’d like to meet Archer, and find out what he does besides cook, make sure you check out Learning New Tricks.


Archer should be focusing on how to keep his comic book shop from financially crashing and burning in an epic way. However, when his sexy-as-hell best friend and Sunday-afternoon-movie buddy, Tori, asks him to teach her how to keep emotions out of sex, he welcomes the distraction.

Tori couldn’t ask for a better best friend than Archer. He respects her fandom, and he lets her sell her custom-made costumes in his store. Even better, he’s willing to give her a hands-on demonstration of how to keep love and sex separate. Experience has taught her not to fall for a guy who’s as infatuated with an ex-girlfriend as Archer is, so she’s already got the no-love bit covered.

With each new lesson, the line between the physical and emotional blurs a little more. Can they let go of their pasts—and learn a few new tricks along the way—or will they lose their friendship and budding relationship for good?


I’m giving away a $10 Amazon gift card, and copies of Conflict of Interest (Bits & Bytes, #1), and Toeing the Line (Bits & Bytes, #2) to one person who visits during my blog tour. Each time you comment on another post is another entry, so if the recipes aren’t enough to entice you, make sure you leave a comment below, and visit all my other generous hosts as well.

Tour Schedule

Dec 17: Silken Sheets & Seduction

Dec 18: Diane Saxon

Dec 19: TF Walsh

Dec 20: Shiloh Saddler

Dec 21: Love, Lust, & Laptops

Dec 22: Daisy

  (I’ll also be offering a second prize on Daisy’s blog, as part of her advent calendar)

Dec 23: Eva Lafoy


Buy Learning New Tricks

Liquid Silver Books:



Find Allyson Lindt




Amazon author page:


About Allyson Lindt

Allyson Lindt is a full-time geek and a fuller-time contemporary romance author. She prefers that her geeky heroes come with the alpha expansion pack and adores a heroine who can hold her own in a boardroom. She loves a sexy happily-ever-after and helping deserving cubicle dwellers find their futures together.


Sacrifices and Sex Toys by Emilia Mancini

When you’re a giver, sometimes you just have to make sacrifices for the greater good of humanity. Or for the writing community. Or for…the sex lives of everyone you know. Whatever the case may be…I am a giver, and sacrifice I have.

Recently, I took on the enormous responsibility of becoming a consultant for My Pure Pleasure Romance Enhancement Products so that I can give all of you as much happiness as you deserve in this life.

Or as I’d like to so boldly announce,

I’m selling sex toys, y’all!

They’ve got the most amazing toys to play with from waterproof vibrating love gloves, to thigh strap-ons, to glow in the dark bubbles…

I have all this and more at my fingertips and I am in heaven!

This little thing rotates to simulate a tongue on your clit. Yes, ladies, now we DON'T need a man for that! It also has a can change the wheel for your favorite kind of clitoral stimulation.

Meet the Sqwheel. This little thing rotates to simulate a tongue on your clit. Yes, ladies, now we DON’T need a man for that! It also has a accessories …you can change the wheel for your favorite kind of clitoral stimulation.

Now, why am I telling you this?

  1. Because it’s freakin’ awesome/hilarious/awesome.
  2. Because this company has the most amazing selection of any direct sales sex toy place I’ve ever seen. Over 1,000 products on their site!
  3. Because this is THE ONLY direct sales company to have a LGBT friendly section.
  4. Because all those writers’ conventions coming…the one’s where you need prizes… I have everything you need and will offer  prize bags/baskets or single prizes for you to put in baskets.
  5. Because all you have to do is connect with me  and mention you know me from LL&L and I’m gonna give you a 15% discount. On anything you order! Whether for you, your readers, or anyone else you would be giving sex toys too!
This big guy is the Triple Header. With a suction cup bottom and three rather large ridges...I think he speaks for himself.

This big guy is the Triple Header. With a suction cup bottom and three rather large ridges. I think he speaks for himself.

Yeah, I could go on and on…but I won’t. What I will do, is tell you that you can do catalog parties and earn awesome hostess benefits or just buy a few items for yourself.

I have been doing this for a few weeks now, and I still find new things on the site that I’ve never seen anywhere else. Glow in the dark bubbles, affordable electronic wands and pads, and for those looking for prizes/basket inserts…check out the Mini’s selection! Tons of small, cheap, great give aways!

Whatever you want or need, I’m here for you.

Because, as I said…I’m a giver. 😉

Check out my site here to see what you can find! Have a look around and tell us your favorite product…come on…I dare ya!


Just in Time For Christmas by Monette Michaels

destinysMagickwebI write as two different people.  Monette Michaels’ books tend to be sexy romances crossing over into the suspense/thriller (SSI), scifi (Prime Chronicles), and mystery (Gooden and Knight) genres.

But Rae Morgan writes mostly paranormal romance with more sex and a tad bit more edge.  And under Rae’s name I wrote the Coven of the Wolf series. Destiny’s Magick was the first book and a lead out book for the new Atlantic Bridge Publishing imprint, Liquid Silver Books, way back in January of 2003.  Moon Magick and Treading the Labyrinth soon followed (books 2 and 3 respectively).  Book 4 was a novella continuing a secondary romance begun in Treading the Labyrinth, called “No Secrets, and was in the Zodiac duet, Pisces.

The books had covers from three different cover artists. Now, for the first time, the three novels have lovely new covers from the talented Lynn Perkins. And to celebrate the new covers, Liquid Silver is putting the books on sale for $2.99 each.  There are plans to issue “No Secrets” as a stand-alone novella and I am hoping Lynn will be eager to create another beautiful cover for it.

bw_covenofthewolf_smallSo, what is the Coven of the Wolf and who runs it? This excerpt from Destiny’s Magick says it best:

“As CEO of Morgan, Ltd., the corporate front for the Coven of the Wolf, the largest coven of witches in the mid-western United States, [Drake Morgan] did his best to keep humans from realizing that Morgan, Ltd. was anything other than what it seemed–an international corporate umbrella for a wide diversity of business and real estate holdings.  While many of the company’s employees and independent contractors were human, the upper echelon of administration in the worldwide empire consisted of witches, with a few shapeshifters thrown in for diversity’s sake; all of the officers and trustees were family.”

Destiny’s Magick (new cover top left) introduces the Coven of the Wolf and brings together Drake with his perfect complement, Rhea Brown.  The Covendom Rules explain what a complement is and why she is important to a coven leader:

A coven leader who mates with his complement is mated for life.  Once the relationship has been consummated, no power in or out of this world can challenge the leader’s power.

Drake meets Rhea at a time when the coven is being challenged by dark witches using a perverted form of chaos magick in an attempt to takeover the coven and turn it to the dark side. Drake’s mating with Rhea is crucial to cement his power, but she doesn’t know she’s a witch and he has very little time to woo and convince her she was meant to be his for an eternity.

Moon Magick moves away from Chicago and into Southern Indiana where  witch Brenna MoonMagick3Flat800x600Lindsay, an herbalist and a healer, runs the herb farm that supplies organic grocery stores run under the Drake, Ltd.  umbrella.

Rampant vandalism and threats smacking of dark chaos magick has her asking for help from Drake Morgan. Drake sends a security team led by the twin shapeshifters Boris and Igor. As the twins guard Brenna during a Sabbat of Litha ritual, Brenna finds the body of local real estate developer Bob John Roebuck, and his death was not natural.

The balance between the light and the dark has been disrupted, and Brenna must seek a way to balance the scales again before dark magick enters and destroys her little corner of the covendom.

The murder brings her to the attention of Sheriff Ty Buchanan, and the attraction is immediate. He doesn’t want the complication of Brenna, but he soon realizes she is what he needs.

TreadingTheLabyrinth3-copyAnd the last full-length novel is Treading the Labyrinth.  The Russian shapeshifter Igor (Gor) flees to Bear Hollow, Tennessee, to lick his wounds after losing  Brenna to Ty. There he finds Selena Jones, a talented shaman who has moved to the small Smokey Mountains tourist town to escape a mad man.

Neither was looking for love, but it found them. When the danger from Selena’s past tracks her down, Gor doesn’t plan on losing his woman, especially to a crazed stalker.

Boris comes to the Smokies to help his brother and meets Sheriff Debby Teague, the woman who is his fated mate. But Debby wants nothing to do with him.  Their story is completed in “No Secrets.”

So?  How can you score the first three books for just $2.99 a piece?  Go to this link and see them all, and read a free excerpt from each.  And if you do buy and read them, please let me know whether you liked them or not.  I still have some Coven stories in my head.  Who knows?  My Muse might need a break from writing Monette books.

Since I won’t blog again until  2014, let me take this chance to say Happy Holidays!

End of year Excitment

So yesterday we celebrated the one year anniversary of this blog! I know right…how quick did that go!

I just wanted to say thank you to all those who took part in the twitter party we held and a little thank you of my own to the ladies of Love, Lust and Laptops for putting up with the English girl….  you all readers/authors alike ROCK!!

Now onto a persoal little bit of excitetment….

Last week saw the relese of my 11th book!! I nearly fell over I can tell ya!

A to Zane is the fourth book in The Shifters of Hillside series, and was honestly the one closest to my heart….I feel there is a lot of Abby in Me….or vise versa…..


This book took over a year to write on and off. I am not a planned writer, I don’t plot. I just sit down at the computer and let the story flow….which doesn’t always come easy I can tell you….

So as a special early Christmas present…..let me share with you a snippet for A to Zane that hasn’t been shared before…..


A low growl came from the left. Abby turned her head but didn’t release her hold on Nico.

Zane stood there, his head dropped forward. He looked at them from under lowered brows.

“Oh look, it’s the pretty kitty.”

She could hear the smirk in Nico’s voice.

Zane’s growl grew deeper still. Was it wrong for her to find him so sexy when he was threatening her friend and employee? Dressed like sin with aggression pouring off of him in waves, he clearly made Abby crazy.

“Aww, are you feeling a little possessive there, kitty? How about I do this?”

Abby lifted a single eyebrow as Nico placed his hands on her butt. Hands he knew she’d remove if he ever did it any other time.

“And how about if I do this?” Nico, who’d practically been sobbing like a little girl minutes ago, leaned down and nuzzled her neck.

This time Zane didn’t growl, he roared, an actual tiger roar. In seconds the rest of her team formed a circle surrounding them and Zane. Damn them and their need to back each other up.

“Seven of us, one of you. What will you do, pretty kitty?” Nico taunted.

Abby came to the end of her tether. She stepped away from Nico.

“You are not going to ruin my friend’s party, and you sure the hell aren’t messing with a paying customer. So go back to your drinks, enjoy the night, and stop looking for fights.” She turned on her heel, taking them all in, making sure she made eye contact with all of the team. When they didn’t move, she snapped her fingers. “Move.” Like the well-oiled machine they were, each member vanished.

“And as for you, stop threatening my people,” Abby said to Zane, who was so busy glaring daggers at Nico she was sure he’d forgotten she was still there. “Okay that’s enough.” She slapped his arm, drawing his attention.

His frown was intimidating, but she wasn’t scared. “Stop being a freaking stalker. I’m here to have fun. I suggest you do the same. Go find some woman who’ll suck you off because you have a pretty face.” Abby didn’t wait for a reply. She spotted her cousin, Heath and their pack, and headed over to them.

“Suck you off because you’re pretty? Did you really just say that?” Laney asked.

“I really did.” Where the hell had that come from?

“I want to be you when I grow up.” Clara spoke from her seat on Wall’s lap.

“He’s still standing there undressing you with his eyes.” Laney spoke from behind the glass she held.

“Well he can look all he wants, I’m not apologizing.” Abby just stopped herself from crossing her arms over her chest. She wasn’t convinced her boobs wouldn’t pop out of the top of the damn corset.


I want to be Abby when I grow up too!!!

Blurb: When Zane spots Abby, his tiger demands he stop everything and pursue. Zane couldn’t agree more. Kickass she may be, but he knows just how to handle prickly women in denial of their own sexuality.

Abby has enough to do dealing with her overprotective family and friends. It’s practically a full-time job just keeping them out of jail. She really doesn’t need a sexy tiger shifter throwing her libido into overdrive.

She has a business to run, and no matter how pretty the kitty is, she has more important things to deal with. However, when her past catches up with her, the kitty may just prove to be her salvation. Damn it!

A to Zane is available from Liquid Silver Books and all good ebook sellers

Until next time remember…… tinsel…is there any better festive way of being bound to a bed?? I don’t think so!