Masturbation…the healthy choice by Emilia Mancini

There are certain stories that grab my attention more than others.

The lady that holds her yarn in her va-jay-jay? Yup, that headline made me look.

Cat shaped chest hair? I gotta see that!

But my mostest favorite news update from today? Masturbation is good for us! Yes, yes, it is! Some of us already knew that, but now there is scientific proof!

Because orgasms causes the cervix to open and release mucus, the body is able to flush out potentially harmful bacteria. This can lower the risk of cervical and urinary tract infections.  The report also shows a little self stimulation can lower the risk of type II diabetes, decreases insomnia, and increase the strength of our coochies.

For you gentlemen, releasing some pent up tension can actually lower your risk of prostate cancer. Too bad you didn’t know that when your mom caught you jacking off.

“Leave me alone, Mom, do you want me to get prostate cancer?”

Not only do you get all that, but masturbation can improve your immune system, reduce depression, stress, blood pressure, and pain. It is also proven to increase self-esteem.

So, no more hiding under the sheets, folks! It is time to take better care of ourselves, it is time to put our health first, drop those pants and get to fondling.

Your body will thank you for it!

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