Crazy December with Becca Jameson!

Since all I ever do is write, edit, write, edit, there isn’t much to tell about my exciting life that doesn’t involve writing and editing! So, I’ll just update everyone on what’s going on on my huge plate and then y’all can start throwing stuff and making recommendations about how you think I should maybe perhaps possibly cut back a bit and relax. lol…

I had so many releases this fall, I can’t keep them all straight. And I really need to thank all my followers for their support. Without all of you, I wouldn’t have the motivation to keep up the pace I’ve been running! The kind words and interactions of my fans bring a smile to my face every day.

Just in the last weeks, I released:

Dominated–the second book in my Wolf Gatherings series.

Wolf Trinity–a stand alone menage short story.

Frostbitten–one of the four stories released last week in the Winter Realm stories with Taliesin Publishing.

The last release I have scheduled for this year is Freedom in the Smokies, the third book in my Durham Wolves series.

Ahhh, you would think I could take a break! But no, that’s not my style. In 2014 I have many releases already scheduled, almost one a month so far. So here’s  line up of what you can expect for the first several months:

February–Completed, the third book in the Wolf Gatherings series. It’s longer than the first two.

March–Redeemed, the fourth book in the Wolf Gatherings series. It’s even LONGER than the first three. I see a pattern here…

April–Bound to be Taken, the first book in my new Emergence series. This is a deep raw BDSM that I love.

May–Abandoned, the fourth book in the Wolf Gatherings series. This is the only one not yet written of this list. I have a general idea of the premise, but that’s about it so far! It’s a goal to have a significant dent in this book by Christmas.

The rest of 2014 will bring two more books in the Emergence series and whatever else pops into my mind as I go along. I can’t seem to keep new ideas from hounding me every day of the week. I need two of me just to keep up with my running brain!

All right, start throwing things at me now–rotten tomatoes, shoes, dirty laundry, whatever you have handy that will influence me to slow down!

Meanwhile, enjoy reading! And thanks again to everyone who supports my work and keeps me motivated. I love you all!

Becca Jameson


2 thoughts on “Crazy December with Becca Jameson!

  1. Lady– You need to chill. Go to a beach and lay in the sun and drink fruity rum drinks — then do the spa and have Ivan give you a full body massage … and when you go, call me and I’ll join you and then Sven can give ME a full body massage. 🙂 Much success and many sales, sweetie.


  2. Bex darling, as much as I love reading anything you write, it is okay for you to take a break. Go on another cruise – maybe this time without the kidlings and you and hubby can be all romantic once in a while? Or heck leave ’em all at home and grab the girls and go wild on the ocean! heheh

    Just don’t stop writing completely cause that would break too many hearts. ❤


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