You’re Invited to a Birthday Party!!! Lynn Lorenz

Wow! I can’t believe it’s been an entire year since 10 writers got together and created the Love, Lust and Laptops blog group. Nearly 365 blog, give or take a few, of promo, posts, and comments, from the ladies and from their incredible guest bloggers. It’s been exciting, and only a tenth as stressfull as doing a blog on my own, for sure.

For me, it’s been a great experience. I’ve met some fabulous women, personally and as writers, and kept my Lynn name, and introduced my Theodora name, out there in the blogosphere. Most of the ladies I met last year at RT, and they were as wonderful in “real life” as they are on the internet. Sweet, sassy and full of hot hot romantic writings, I couldn’t be in better company!

On the month of our coming together as the ladies of Love, Lust and Laptops, we decided to throw a party – a Twitter Party! And as with all parties, there will be presents!!!

But not for us! No, we’re the giving kind, and those who attend our party will have the chance to win gifts from us! Ebooks and gift cards!! Yeehaw!!

So on Tuesday, Dec. 17, we’ll kick off the party at 3pm EST, using the hashtag #LLLbirthday so get your fingers warmed up and hang with the ladies on Twitter. Ask us questions, tell us what you like about our books, play along, and each 2 hr group will give away presents!

Here’s the schedule of the Authors and their ebook prize for that time period. Also, each group will give away a gift card to Amazon to one lucky Tweeter!
Vanessa North
The Dark Collector
Cherie Nichols
Leashed by a Wolf
Jianne Carlo
That Pearly Drop
Becca Jameson

Rosanna Leo
Predator’s Serenade
Monette Draper
Weather the Storm
Lynn Lorenz

Robin Danner
The Princes Bound and Unmasking the Wolf
Parker Kincade
Shadow of Sin
Emilia Mancini
The Rebound

Remember, tomorrow, get your hashtag on and follow us on Twitter as we party!!!

8 thoughts on “You’re Invited to a Birthday Party!!! Lynn Lorenz

  1. Gearing up. Stretching the fingers and found my wrist brace. Ready to type answers and post questions and whatever for two hours tomorrow. I’ll be with Lynn and Rosanna. The totally terrific trio — not that the other gals aren’t absolutely wonderful too, they are — but I wanted some alliteration! Can’t wait to see all of you readers and fans. Be patient with me, I have never done a Twitter party — yes, I am a Twitter party virgin. LMAO


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