Love, Lust and Laptops’ 1st Birthday!

Woot woot! It’s our birthday today!

I know, I know…we don’t look a day over 20. Right? (It’s in your interest to agree, folks).

As Lynn shared yesterday, we are celebrating our one-year anniversary today! The ladies of Love, Lust and Laptops have had such a wonderful year with you all. We’ve enjoyed bringing you some sexy stories in our free anthologies, chatting with you online, and learning more about what you like in a romance. For an author, to hear from a fan is total sweetness. You make it worthwhile for us and inspire us daily. You make us want to continue creating. The ladies of Love, Lust and Laptops really enjoy hearing from our readers and thank you for reaching out to us.

In this spirit, I’d like to remind you of our Twitter party which takes place today from 3pm-9pm EST. Simply tweet using the hashtag #LLLBirthday and you can chat with us and take part in the great giveaways. And make sure you follow us at @Lovelustandlapt

We look forward to spending some time with you and can’t wait to share this occasion.

Thank you for supporting us and we look forward to bringing you more sexiness in 2014!

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