Just in Time For Christmas by Monette Michaels

destinysMagickwebI write as two different people.  Monette Michaels’ books tend to be sexy romances crossing over into the suspense/thriller (SSI), scifi (Prime Chronicles), and mystery (Gooden and Knight) genres.

But Rae Morgan writes mostly paranormal romance with more sex and a tad bit more edge.  And under Rae’s name I wrote the Coven of the Wolf series. Destiny’s Magick was the first book and a lead out book for the new Atlantic Bridge Publishing imprint, Liquid Silver Books, way back in January of 2003.  Moon Magick and Treading the Labyrinth soon followed (books 2 and 3 respectively).  Book 4 was a novella continuing a secondary romance begun in Treading the Labyrinth, called “No Secrets, and was in the Zodiac duet, Pisces.

The books had covers from three different cover artists. Now, for the first time, the three novels have lovely new covers from the talented Lynn Perkins. And to celebrate the new covers, Liquid Silver is putting the books on sale for $2.99 each.  There are plans to issue “No Secrets” as a stand-alone novella and I am hoping Lynn will be eager to create another beautiful cover for it.

bw_covenofthewolf_smallSo, what is the Coven of the Wolf and who runs it? This excerpt from Destiny’s Magick says it best:

“As CEO of Morgan, Ltd., the corporate front for the Coven of the Wolf, the largest coven of witches in the mid-western United States, [Drake Morgan] did his best to keep humans from realizing that Morgan, Ltd. was anything other than what it seemed–an international corporate umbrella for a wide diversity of business and real estate holdings.  While many of the company’s employees and independent contractors were human, the upper echelon of administration in the worldwide empire consisted of witches, with a few shapeshifters thrown in for diversity’s sake; all of the officers and trustees were family.”

Destiny’s Magick (new cover top left) introduces the Coven of the Wolf and brings together Drake with his perfect complement, Rhea Brown.  The Covendom Rules explain what a complement is and why she is important to a coven leader:

A coven leader who mates with his complement is mated for life.  Once the relationship has been consummated, no power in or out of this world can challenge the leader’s power.

Drake meets Rhea at a time when the coven is being challenged by dark witches using a perverted form of chaos magick in an attempt to takeover the coven and turn it to the dark side. Drake’s mating with Rhea is crucial to cement his power, but she doesn’t know she’s a witch and he has very little time to woo and convince her she was meant to be his for an eternity.

Moon Magick moves away from Chicago and into Southern Indiana where  witch Brenna MoonMagick3Flat800x600Lindsay, an herbalist and a healer, runs the herb farm that supplies organic grocery stores run under the Drake, Ltd.  umbrella.

Rampant vandalism and threats smacking of dark chaos magick has her asking for help from Drake Morgan. Drake sends a security team led by the twin shapeshifters Boris and Igor. As the twins guard Brenna during a Sabbat of Litha ritual, Brenna finds the body of local real estate developer Bob John Roebuck, and his death was not natural.

The balance between the light and the dark has been disrupted, and Brenna must seek a way to balance the scales again before dark magick enters and destroys her little corner of the covendom.

The murder brings her to the attention of Sheriff Ty Buchanan, and the attraction is immediate. He doesn’t want the complication of Brenna, but he soon realizes she is what he needs.

TreadingTheLabyrinth3-copyAnd the last full-length novel is Treading the Labyrinth.  The Russian shapeshifter Igor (Gor) flees to Bear Hollow, Tennessee, to lick his wounds after losing  Brenna to Ty. There he finds Selena Jones, a talented shaman who has moved to the small Smokey Mountains tourist town to escape a mad man.

Neither was looking for love, but it found them. When the danger from Selena’s past tracks her down, Gor doesn’t plan on losing his woman, especially to a crazed stalker.

Boris comes to the Smokies to help his brother and meets Sheriff Debby Teague, the woman who is his fated mate. But Debby wants nothing to do with him.  Their story is completed in “No Secrets.”

So?  How can you score the first three books for just $2.99 a piece?  Go to this link and see them all, and read a free excerpt from each.  And if you do buy and read them, please let me know whether you liked them or not.  I still have some Coven stories in my head.  Who knows?  My Muse might need a break from writing Monette books.

Since I won’t blog again until  2014, let me take this chance to say Happy Holidays!

4 thoughts on “Just in Time For Christmas by Monette Michaels

    • Why thank you, Heather. yes, I have a split personality. Writing style is the same, just different heat levels. Still have alpha males and strong women as both pen names.

      Please let me know how you like them. Hugs and Happy Holidays.


  1. These all look so exciting, Moni! Congrats on a wonderful series. I know what I’ll be doing this Xmas…I’ve already “instructed” hubby to give me a book gift card and plan to stock up on books by my wonderful LLL authors. Guess which ones are on the list. 😉


    • Awww, Rosanna, thank you. Hope you like them. I just love witches and magick and shifters. But you knew I liked shifters since I’ve never been shy about sharing that tidbit. 🙂 I write in streaks and right now — the hunky alpha males of SSI – and the occasional Prime hunky alpha male — seems to be what my Muse really wants to write now.


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