Merry Christmas from Love, Lust, and Laptops

I know, I know, it’s my day to post… But it’s Christmas, and that’s a special day, and I wanted to share it with all my LL&L sisters. So I asked them all for a Christmas wish to share with you. Merry Christmas from all of us! xoxo, V

From Rosanna Leo:

“I’d like to wish all our readers a wonderful holiday season full of peace and love. May you also find time this holiday for some hot reading, sweet loving and time up against the wall. Nipple clamps optional (wink wink). And if you’re feeling a little like Scrooge this Christmas, I’d be happy to send one or more of my heroes to bring you some Christmas cheer.”

From Monette Michaels:

“Happy Holidays from my family to yours. Whatever your success rate might be in keeping your New Year’s resolution, may 2014 bring you happiness.”

From Christy Gissendaner/Robin Danner:

“Happy Holidays from Christy Gissendaner and Robin Danner. May you have the best time ever with your friends, families, and loved ones. Here’s a few things to remember. Don’t eat too much. It’s the thought the counts (except in re-gifting). Beware the fruit cake. And above all else, may your season be merry…and bright (singing)!”

From Becca Jameson:

“Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone from the home of Becca Jameson! I hope all our fans have a wonderful holiday. Eat, drink, and be merry! But not too merry…lol My favorite part about vacation days: more time to read good books! ”

From Vanessa North:

“Happy holidays, dear readers, from my home to yours. I hope your season is full of wonder, joy, love, and peace, and that the new year brings you more of the same.”

From Lynn Lorenz/Theodora Lane:

“May all your Christmas wishes come true and you enjoy a stress-free holiday. Happy reading!”

From Parker Kincade and family:

“We have a Christmas tradition in Kincadia. Instead of exchanging gifts with each other, we make a family donation to a charitable organization. We started this tradition when our kids were small, and it’s my hope they will adopt this tradition, in some form, in their own homes one day. I am so grateful to all the readers, bloggers and reviewers – your support of my work helped to keep our Christmas tradition going strong. I wish you all a happy and healthy holiday season. ”

From Emilia Mancini/Marci Boudreaux:

“Wherever you are, whoever you are with, and however you are celebrating, I hope you have a happy, healthy holiday season. Be good, be kind, and, if at all possible, be a little bit kinky!”

From Jianne Carlo:

“Merry Christmas from Jianne Carlo who’s right now having a shark and bake on Maracas Beach in Trinidad. It’s warm, breezy, the family’s all here, and life is perfect. I hope your holidays are exactly the same.”

From Cherie Nicholls:

“Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you have the most fun fill and enjoyable day! See you in 2014!”

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