New Year’s Goals – Lynn Lorenz

New Year’s Goals. That’s right, you heard me. Goals. Not resolutions. I have eschewed those ways.
No longer doing that. Been there. Have the t-shirt and the hat. And frankly, there isn’t any real teeth in a resolution.

But a Goal?
Now, that word has some power. And I love goals. Why? Because they are flexible. A resolution is definite. Solid. No leeway and no
wiggle room. That’s why they fail.
But a goal? You can have a little goal, a big goal or a medium sized goal, and you can make them reachable.

Resolutions, not so much. We just take that word and go all in. Hog wild. Balls to the wall.
And what usually happens? Well, I’m sure you know. Failure. And no one likes to fail. It sucks, depresses, and makes you feel like…a failure.
Why do we do that to ourselves? Beat ourselves up because we are “supposed” to make this “resolution” to do something big. Something most of us
can never do, not without a lot of money, or time, or more strength than we have, or help from others.

Goals can be set so they can be reached. Small, easy bites. Nibbles. Ever notice if you keep nibbling at a cake, eventually, it’s gone?
Goals are like that. And when you reach your goal, you feel great. Wonderful. Inspired. Ready to take on the next goal on the list.

So I’m setting some goals for 2014. I break them up into short (2-6 months), medium (6-12 months) and long (1-5 years). The long term goals I usually reserve
for my “Career” goals.

My Short term goals –
1. Finish Bayou’s Children by Feb 1 and send it in.
2. Start the next Werewolf Fight League
3. Start the Tales From the Salon novellas

My Medium term goals –
1. Finish WWFL and send it in
2. Finish 2 of the Tales From the Salon novellas and send them in
3. Start new m/f Dragon series book

My Long term goals –
1. Retire in 2014 *sometime around summer*
2. Write full time once retired.
3. Start teaching online writing courses in 2015

So there you have it. Easy, attainable goals. Small things, but when they all add up will make for a fantastic year! And for a great next few years.
And the thing that I really love is when you accomplish one goal, you can create another one. So you don’t have to wait until a whole new year rolls around.
You constantly meet those goals and set new ones. And feel like a success! Who doesn’t love that?

Now, will you forget about those stupid resolutions and make some goals with me?
Tell me…what’s your short, medium and long range goals?

3 thoughts on “New Year’s Goals – Lynn Lorenz

  1. Great goals, Lynn!

    My goals? Get my life fucking organized so I don’t go apeshit crazy in 2014. That’s obtainable, no? Haha! Have a fantastic 2014, my dear friend! You deserve all the success you are aiming for…er…for which you aim.


  2. I see you making those goals. And that cake? A bite at a time? — yeah, been there, done that. Went on the South Beach Diet to get rid of the extra padding. Cake-eating is not one of my goals, obviously. 😉 My goals are all non-fattening.


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