Looking Forward in 2014 — Monette Michaels

Happy_New_Year_2014Happy New Year!

Yes, it is now 2014. I don’t know about you, but it will take me about two weeks to remember that when dating things and writing checks.  🙂  Happens every year.

When thinking about what to write for my first LL&L blog for the new year, I, of course, thought about what I wanted to accomplish in the coming year.  Like Lynn and Cherie, I don’t call them resolutions, but goals.  Goals can be tweaked; resolutions are trickier since you “resolve” to do something.  Goals you “aim” to do something.

Of course when making goals a person needs to see what of their last year’s goals they haven’t yet “finished” and re-evaluate long-term goals that may still be in mid-completion.  The short, mid and long term goals Lynn addressed on Monday.  We LL&L ladies are nothing if not organized.  I luuurve my girls.

Here are some of my goals for 2014:

1.  Finish the Prime Chronicles trilogy.  Prime Imperative will be the third and last book in this trilogy. Will there be other books in this scifi romance world?  I never say “never,” but I will say “not in the foreseeable future.”

2.  Start and finish Book 4 in the SSI series.  This will be Tweeter’s book and is called Storm Warning.

3.  Start Book 5 in the SSI series. This will be Trey and Fee’s story continued from Stormy Weather Baby (Book 1.5).  Called An Ill Wind.

4.  Write short story(ies) for the LL&L free shorts.  The number is yet to be determined. But I love how well these stories are being received.  If the topic allows it, I might try to make the short fit into one of my series (Rae or Monette).

5.  Get my office de-cluttered.  As a “retired” attorney, I have lots of paper in files, folders, and notebooks. I really can get rid of what I call vertical files  (research files) consisting of lots of paper to free up some file drawer space for new vertical files on research for my books.  🙂  I’m all about the research and all about the writing.

6.  Self-publish Green Fire, my last out of print book  from the old LTDBooks. It is a paranormal romantic suspense and was a Dream Realm Finalist.  It needs to find a new audience, especially since it has a paranormal twist I haven’t seen many other places.  The heroine uses stone energy.

6.  Get rid of books in my personal library I am NOT going to read again.  Sigh.  I am buried in books.  Anything I have to have (and it’s not a first edition, signed) I can always get on Kindle sooner or later.  So, I need to free up shelves for “new” must have books that I WILL re-read.

7.  De-clutter my life in general.  I have “stuff,” and I am at the age now where stuff doesn’t make me happy.

Long term?  Keep writing SSI books and maybe start a new more edgy romance series of connected books under my Rae Morgan name.  Rae has been neglected for a while, but her Coven series is doing well with their new covers.

So, there are my goals.  They can and probably will be tweaked because as I know well, life happens and you have to go with the flow.  But I am fairly sure most of the above goals are reachable.

Happy New Year and wishing you a healthy and prosperous new year in which you meet your personal goals.

New Year Image: Author: BSGStudio . Licence: Personal and Non commercial use only, redistribute is forbidden.

4 thoughts on “Looking Forward in 2014 — Monette Michaels

  1. Loved Greenfire the first time around lol….great line up Moni – need to get started with the Rae books next I have the old versions – I want the new ones they are so pretty.


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