2014 and Tarot Cards

Yay, it’s 2014! And I am starting the New Year out right. Tomorrow I am taking a car full of my closest friends and we are driving into the city for a girls’ dinner to laugh and gossip. And then we are going straight to see…psychics? Yes! We are getting our tarot cards read to tell us how fantastic 2014 is going to be (at least that’s what they’ll say if they want paid, damn it! LOL).

Here is what I am anticipating hearing: I will be incredibly successful, money will roll in like a tide, and things will finally settle down.

What I’ll probably hear: Expect things to improve. You’re on the right path. Someone somewhere loves you (because they always throw that in there).

Okay, so having the cards read isn’t the most logical way to bring in hope for the New Year because the readers are always pretty vague, so why do I do this?

Well, let me tell you, I love all the mystic stuff even if I don’t put a lot of stock into it. It’s so fun to have someone tell you something that hits the nail right on the head (even though it is fairly vague) and make you think, What if they can read the future by looking at cards? And if they can read the future, then what if someone out there that you kinda like really does love you? And then you obsess about who it is forever. And they said I’d come into money, so any day now, I’m gonna break into the big time… Which gives you the motivation to keep going.

Yup, that’s the fun in having your cards read. It may not be the best way to see the future, but it is a great way to get hope for the future.

About three years ago me and my girls had our stars read. I was told the huge success I’ve been waiting for would come in about five years…just two years now and Imma gonna be a star! Unless the big success she was talking about was finally convincing Mr. Mancini (after 13 years) that not only do the kitchen cabinets open, but they close as well. Of course, that would be more like a miracle than a great success. 😉

Whatever it takes to bring hope and motivation into your 2014, I hope you find it and I hope your friends are there to enjoy it with you as mine will be with me tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “2014 and Tarot Cards

  1. Em – I do Runes. lol I actually co-authored a small booklet on rune reading. What can I say? Love mystical stuff. I do think the power of the mind is woefully underrated. So, believe, sweetie, and it will come. Happy New Year.


  2. The good thing is I was told I am on the right life path. They suggested I stop doing any freelance jobs that make me unhappy and distracts me from writing because writing is where I will find my success. They also said I have two ancestors from the islands protecting me with the religion that flows in my blood. They were confused until I told them the ancestors on my father’s side practiced Santeria, that made sense to them. They said that also explained the hawk that was circling around me gathering information that made me so sensitive to what others are thinking and feeling. So I guess I need to research it and get a better understanding. If anyone can elaborate on any of that for me, feel free. 😀


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