Robin’s Top 3 “Working Gals”

Happy Friday, guys and gals! Let me ask you the question that’s been plaguing me at the day job for days now…Is it cold enough for you? Record-breaking low temps in Alabama this year have left this gal shaking in her flip-flops.

But on to the reason for today’s post. I’m currently self-editing a recently completed historical. The heroine is a madam of a brothel, which got me to reminiscing, so today I’m sharing my top 3 madams/prostitutes in entertainment.

3. Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman – Come on! Like I’m going to overlook a movie containing Richard Gere? Although Julia probably tops most people’s list, I’m placing her at #3. She makes working gals look good, strolling the streets in her heels and mini-skirt, but my favorite scene is when she sings Prince’s Kiss.

2. Richard Gere in American Gigolo – Umm…guilty. I’m a Richard Gere fan-girl, in case you didn’t already know. My ultimate favorite actor of all-time won me over when he did those upside-down crunches while hanging in the doorway. Whoa, baby!

1. Dolly Parton in Best Little Whorehouse in Texas – Nothing beats Dolly and Burt’s on-screen relationship in Whorehouse. As a child, I remember watching this movie and falling in love with the songs and the buxom blonde’s quick wit. (Burt isn’t that bad to look at either.)

So that’s it, folks. My top 3, although I’m got a few honorable mentions tucked away in the recesses of my memories. I’m always looking for a good, heartwarming, working gal (or guy) movie so share your favorites with me!

4 thoughts on “Robin’s Top 3 “Working Gals”

  1. I was not a Richard Gere fan until “Pretty Woman.” It might have been I liked the way he matured, and it is one of the few films I will watch repeatedly. As for Dolly Parton, I absolutely love her, and I loved “Whorehouse.” By the way, today is Dolly’s 68th birthday. Happy Birthday, Dolly!


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