The Two-Named Author by Monette Michaels


Yes, I am one of those authors who has two pen names.  There were valid reasons at the time I chose to write some books under another name — Rae Morgan — but looking back I am not sure why.  It is what it is.

My Rae Morgan books are a lot like my Monette Michaels books.  Alpha-male heroes, smart heroines who can handle a strong man, and some action and suspense to make the story move.

If I had to distinguish the two pen names, I would say Rae had more paranormal story lines and edgier sex.  But, over the years, Monette has gotten a tad bit edgier in her sex scenes — though her characters take longer to get to them 🙂 — and she has some paranormal books of her own (The Gooden and Knight series).

The reason I am mentioning this is because some exciting things are happening with my Rae Morgan back list.  I have already shown the beautiful new covers for the first three Coven of the Wolf books in an earlier blog (displayed again here, just because they are gorgeous), but now I can announce that Book 4 in that series, No Secrets, novella length, will, on March 10th, be a stand-alone for the first time since it was originally published.

No Secrets continues the story line of Sheriff Debby Teague and Boris Petrov started in Treading the Labyrinth. A new cover will be forthcoming, again from the talented Lynn Tyler — and I can’t wait to see what she does for this one.

Also on the horizon for Rae is the re-release of another novella, Evanescence, as a stand-alone.  This novella was included in the Edge of Night anthology.  Evanescence is one of my favorite works of everything that I have written.  Here’s the blurb:

Security specialist Kai Axton blends into the night, a mist-like shadowy image of his human form.  Because of his freakish nature, he feels doomed to live his life alone – –  until he meets Sian York.

Sian is not who or what she seems; her past shrouded in a veil of mystery.  As Kai prepares to make his move to claim her, Sian’s past explodes onto the scene, forcing Kai to reveal his darkest secrets.  Can Sian accept Kai’s nature, or will he be doomed to live in the shadow world, forever alone?

I am thrilled that both of these novellas will now be more easily accessible for my fans.

Will there be other books by Rae?

Well-l-l-l … maybe.  You see, I have this idea … about an MMA fighter and a woman being  stalked … well, the story is in my head — and eventually it will have to come out. My head gets sort of crowded at times.  And while it wouldn’t be a paranormal, the edgier sex side of Rae would definitely be on display.

What do y’all think?  Should Rae write again?   And if so … what would you like to see?  Or, should I “come out” and just write all my future books as Monette with a nod to Rae?

I will choose one commenter to receive a download of one of my currently in print Coven books.

3 thoughts on “The Two-Named Author by Monette Michaels

    • I have a comment: yes! You should write again. What should you write? Well I find trying a new type of genre to be a writing challenge. What haven’t you written before?


  1. But I just saw this !!!!! I already have all of your Coven books (in print and ebook *hanging head in embarrasment*) I have to say that I loved Evanescence. I read the teaser on your website over and over and OVER until you finally wrote the rest of it 🙂

    Personally as long as ‘you’ keep writing I don’t really mind which author’s name is on the cover. But I don’t really think your books are that much different to need the different name as a heads up to readers. Some authors yes, as it can be confusing for us when we only really enjoy one of their styles. If that makes any sense?


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