Beginning 2014 With a Bang!

VengeanceHammer_ByJianneCarlo-453x680In the first three weeks of 2014, two of my books, That logo - nowl top pickPearly Drop, Murphy’s Laws of Time Travel #1, and Death Blow, Vengeance Warriors #2, were awarded TOP PICKs by Night Owl Reviews.

My fellow LLL author and buddy, Cherie Nichols, emailed me late last week with the news that Vengeance Hammer, Vengeance Warriors #3, has been nominated for LR Cafe’s  for the ‘Best Historical of 2013’ Award. Humdinger!

I’m tickled pink because Death Blow, the second book in the series, won Passionate Plume’s Best Historical of 2013. Wow, what are the odds of two books in the series being honored? I keep pinching myself.

And the reviews – OMG. The one for Pearly (my nickname for the book)by Hitherandthee kept me grinning all day. Here’s how it begins:

Woohoo! What a fun and outrageous book! I just finished reading That Pearly Drop by Jianne Carlo, and I loved every second of this novel.

In case you’re interested below are the links to the full reviews:

I like 2014!

As you can probably guessing, it’s a happy Monday for me, and I hope yours is too!



7 thoughts on “Beginning 2014 With a Bang!

  1. Congratulations Jianne – sounds like your books are getting all the accolades and attention they deserve! It is a wonderful way to start off the year and I hope it continues to be as positive and encouraging for you and your books.


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