What’s Happening?

Hi! I’ve been so busy. I’m immersed in BDSM these days. The first book of my BDSM series is done done done. It’s called Bound to be Taken. The second one just dragged me through harrowing edits! Bless my editor for her insight and patience! Without her it wouldn’t be half as good. She yanked me way out of my comfort zone this week and I pulled a new ending out of my soul that left me wrung out. It’s awesome and I love it even more now. That one is called Bound to be Tamed.

So now I’m moving into the third book in that series while it’s fresh in my mind. And talk about comfort zone! It’s my first F/F/M! Don’t get squeamish. If you aren’t a fan of F/F, you will still like this! I have it on good authority. 😉 So for the next several weeks I’ll be working my way through this third Emergence book. The first two were long. I’m expecting something similar. 90k ish.

In December I wrote an entirely separate BDSM. Not sure where it will land or when, but I’ll keep you posted. It’s working it’s way through submissions.

Wolves? Oh, yes those guys! Hehe. I’ll be back in the land of wolves next month. The fourth book in the Wolf Gathering series is done. I’ll have the cover soon and toss it out there for everyone to see! I’ll dig my hands into the fifth book next. It’s in my head. It just needs an opportunity to leak out my fingers. If only there were more hours in a day. The sixth is hanging out in my head too, darn it! All these voices and howling keep me up at night!

If you missed the cover of Wolf Gatherings: Completed (Book 3), I’ll add it here. It releases in just a few weeks! YIKES! February 6th. The covers for this series are smokin’ hot. I adore them! Thanks, Taliesin publishing!


So that’s my life in a nutshell. 😉 Back to the work in progress…


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