The state of things–and an excerpt from my WIP!

So, it’s pretty cold here in Georgia right now. Cold enough that Becca and I haven’t been making our morning jogs, which has left me plenty of time to do writerly things.

Like edits for High and Tight, my contemporary M/M romance coming out in May from Carina Press. Those were finalized last week, and let me tell you, I am thrilled with how they turned out. I am so excited for this book release!

And writing. Lots of time for writing.

I wrote a steampunk short on Goodreads called “Pistoned,” a 2000-word vignette dashed off as a gift for a Goodreads friend. If you’re over 18 and logged into Goodreads, you can find it here: 

Pistoned by Vanessa North on Goodreads

Right now I have three projects actively going: the sequel to High and Tight, a romcom shifter parody with a gay octopus shifter, and the kinky sequel to “Double-Up.” (yeah, you’ll hear more about that one later–it’s out on submission now)

I’m in the home stretch on the tentacle book though, so I thought I’d share a little bit of it here. Quickie disclaimer: this excerpt is from an unedited work in progress. It could change or even disappear from the final version. I’m sharing it here in the spirit of fun, so don’t read too much into it, okay?

From Tentacular Spectacular:

I’m pretty sure Simon–Six–vibrates at a different frequency than the rest of the planet. When we step out of the restaurant and into the storm, his eyes get huge and he flashes me this insane grin. He runs right out into the middle of the boardwalk, arms flung wide and head back. The rain splashes down around him and lightning flashes off in the distance.

Between the bright red neon of Dick’s sign and the bright flashes of lighting, he’s lit up like a Christmas tree.

“C’mon No-aahhhh! The water’s great!” He shouts. His clothes are soaked, shiny and clingy and his mop of wild blond hair sends rivulets of water running down the side of his face. He’s drinking in the storm with unabashed glee, laughing into the wind and turning in circles to take it all in.

I want him.

Lust surges over me like the storm, and I’m running from the shelter of Dick’s awning to join Six in his wild weather-worship.

“Hell yeah!” he shouts, flinging his arms around me when I reach him.

I wrap my own arms around his waist and drag him tight to my body. I take his laugh into my mouth when I kiss him.

His lips are soft, and the shudder that goes through his body is hard. He groans into my mouth and kisses me back, sliding his arms up and down my back just as his tongue steals out to meet mine. I taste him, rainwater, vinegar. I taste electricity and longing. I shudder under the weight of the urge to shift so that I can taste him with my tentacles too.

He breaks the kiss and buries his face in my throat, murmuring something into the skin there. It sounds like “Oh my god, my god.”

I grip his wet hair in one palm and tilt his head back so I can kiss him again, this time sweet and slow. I’m so aroused, aching hard. When he starts to grind against me, it feels so good I could come right then and there. Instead, I slide a hand down to his ass and knead it, rocking our bodies together.

“We can’t—” he pulls away from the kiss, gasping. He gestures around us to the deserted boardwalk. “I think we need to go somewhere private. My house?”

Except I can’t. I’m not ready to tell him what I am, and what if I shift during sex? It’s happened before, which is why I’ve only ever slept with guys like me, or the locals back home who know about us and have a kink for it.

“I can’t, Simon.” I shudder. “I really want to, don’t get me wrong, but I’m not prepared…”

“Dude, I’ve got condoms, lube, whatever we need.”


“No, I mean, I’m not ready.” I sigh. “I want to. But I need to go slow. Okay?”

He groans and grinds his erection into me one more time. “No fucking on the first date? Gawd, Noah.”

I laugh. “Does it make you feel any better that I’m pissed at myself for it too?”

“Yeah, a little bit.” He smiles, closing his eyes and tilting his face up to the rain again. Then his head snaps back down and he looks me dead in the eye. “Actually, no. It’s confusing. You’re sending me mixed signals. You kissed me. We like each other, we just had a great date, and now I want to get off and you do too, and we can’t do it together because why? I mean, come on. I promise I’ll still respect you in the morning.”

“I just need a little time.” I rub a thumb over his bottom lip. “Can you give me that?”

He shakes his head. “I knew this was gonna happen. I embarrass you and you’re trying to duck out of this nicely, and then you’ll never want to see me again and goddamn I’m never gonna get laid.”

For a second, I’m horrified that he really thinks I’m trying to ditch him because I’m embarrassed, but then he laughs and winks at me. “I’m kidding.” He steps away from me and adjusts his jeans, giving himself a good squeeze while he’s at it—as much for my benefit as anything else I’m sure. “It’ll keep. But I am so gonna think about you when I jerk off tonight.”

“Me too. I mean, about you.” I swipe rainwater from my face.

“I am so going to do such dirty things to you in my imagination, you’ll wake up feeling them.” He grins at me. “Totally defiling you with my brain right now. It’s good, No-aaaaahhhhh. So fucking good.” He bites his lip and groans.

“Please stop that.”

“Unnh. Oh, shit man, that’s so hot, just uh…Oh, yeah, like that. Right there—oh.” He shudders a little, then whimpers, “Noaahh.”

“You are such a pervert.” I chuckle.

He opens his eyes and winks at me. “You like it.”

I do. I nod. “Yeah. I like you.”

“Which is why you won’t sleep with me?” He arches an eyebrow.

“Yeah.” Well, part of it. But secrets. “I don’t want to fuck it up with you.”

“Okay, God.” He rolls his eyes and smiles. “I suppose waiting for you is better than blowing some random who loses my digits the next day.”

He’s trying to look nonchalant, but I can see the hurt in his face when he says it.

“I’m not going to lose your digits. I’m not that guy.”

He nods. “I know.”

“I’ll call you tomorrow.” I promise.

“Yeah?” He looks up, a grin spreading on his face. “Dude, we should go surfing.”

Oh, fuck me.

Well, there you have it. Six and Noah’s first kiss. I hope you all enjoyed!



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