Home sick

I am home sick and I know today is my day to blog…but I am ill so this is what you get instead…..

10 things you didn’t know about me.

1) I am the youngest of 5 kids….and yes that does make me a spoilt brat

2) I have 3 nieces, 5 nephews, 5 Great nieces, 1 Great nephew and a God daughter (yes Christmas is expensive)

3) The author who influenced me the most is probably Shelly Laurenston, she taught me that you can have comic moments in romance.

4) I hate the dark

5) When I was in senior school (high school) my english teacher told my mum that if I read more my spelling would be improved. She told the teacher that if I read anymore I’d never leave my room. I still can’t spell and my grammar sucks!

6) I love cheese, any cheese…give me all the cheese!!!

7) I have collected over 200 thimbles……it’s an addiction, what can I say.

8) I’m a fan of mixed martial arts fighting….

9) I love shifters……most any shifters…..but my heart will always be with wolves though.

10) when I am sick…..my brain goes on holiday….can you tell??

Sorry guys, next time….honest I will try to give you a much more exciting post…probably….Now where are those tissues…..

4 thoughts on “Home sick

  1. Sorry you’re sick! I too love cheese, shifters, and mixed martial arts. Though mostly mma movies, not actual fights. Today at taekwondo, I had a ball practicing sitting in a chair with your back to the target, jumping up and crescent kicking a target. I’m already planning on using the move to disarm a bad guy in my work in progress.:-)


  2. Sorry you’re sick, sweetie. Have a nice glass of single malt scotch and the cheese of your choice. They won’t make you well, but you might feel better for a short time. I love Shelley Laurenston’s books — especially the bear shifters and then of course Dee Ann Smith, the crazy female wolf shifter.


  3. So sorry to hear you are under the weather darling – I like Moni’s idea of a stiff drink (and indulge with cheeeeeese) then a good nap. Get those shifters to guard the door so you get left alone and can actually sleep!

    You know what the upside to this is – NO ONE WANTS A HUG RIGHT NOW! hehehehehehe


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