When All Else Fails … Blame the Weather by Monette Michaels

snow treesYes, I have no topic.

Unlike my Thursday buddy, Cherie, I am not sick and feel fine.  I just have absolutely nothing important, new, exciting, or even titillating to share. I can’t think of ten things anyone would want to know about me.

My mind is a blank.

For this lack of brain function, I blame the polar vortex and all the Alberta Clippers training across my part of the country — Indiana aka Alaska of the Midwest.

One day a couple of weeks ago, our low temp equalled that of the landing area on Mars where the Mars Rover had  set down.  Chalk Mars off for colonization.

We’ve set snow records in Indianapolis for January and the month isn’t even over yet.  Oy! Still can’t touch the Blizzard of 78, though. That year the snow, though measuring less, came over a shorter span of time and caused a bigger mess. Cross-country skiing and snow-mobiling were the only ways to get around, and that was on I-465, one of the major connectors in this part of the U.S.

Of course, things could be worse. I could live in Hotlanta where snow and ice are rara ava, so when ice and below freezing temps hit, chaos ensues.  I sat in awe as The Weather Channel showed the images of parking lots aka federal highways, in and out of Atlanta.  Talk about gridlock. And the stories of stranded motorists leaving their mostly likely gas-less cars and spending the night in Home Depots and grocery stores were both fascinating and sad.  BTW, I’d opt for the grocery store, at least there’s food there.

Can’t wait to see what February 2014 has in store.

January and February are normally Indiana’s coldest and snowiest months.  Who knows?  Maybe February will be the warmest and wettest in the form of rain month on record.  I’ll be sure to stay tuned to the Weather Channel.

Luckily I could see the pictures of Atlanta’s weather woes and computer depictions of the polar vortex and Alberta Clippers since I do not have Direct TV.  I have Comcast and it knows where it’s bread is buttered in the Midwest. The Weather Channel is an essential part of  my daily life since we in Indiana get tornadoes, gustinadoes, blizzards, and floods.  Pestilence and plague are probably not far behind.

BTW Coast Guard Alaska and Highway Thru Hell are two of my favorite shows on TWC, as we weather groupies call it.

So, how’s your weather?  Um, if you are on a beach, getting a tan, and drinking fruity drinks with little umbrellas, don’t gloat — it’s rude.

5 thoughts on “When All Else Fails … Blame the Weather by Monette Michaels

  1. We had a record 17 days of ‘cold weather warnings’ but you know what, I barely noticed it because we’ve also had more sun than I ever remember seeing in January! Now I admit if I were still waiting at transit stops or OMG had to work outdoors!!! I’d feel differently I know but for me at least this winter’s not been too bad *pointing at sun*. I am looking forward to (hopefully) more seasonal weather in February though. Balmy -10C today with ‘only’ wind chill of -22C, may have to dig out my shorts LOL


    • LOL I know what you mean. After temps in the teens with single digit wind chills yesterday, it is almost sweater weather today with 32 degrees. Hey, Peggy, with all that sunshine you can get an early start on your tan.


    • My daydream is 7 Mile Beach on Grand Cayman — white sand beach, palms, and a nice chair where I can read my book and listen to the waves. Fruity drink, optional.
      Though I could do apres ski in Beaver Creek — I love snow at high altitudes as long as I don’t have to ski in it. It seems warmer. Must be the lower humidity and thinner atmosphere.


  2. We had six inches of snow yesterday morning. It made the drive into work a bit of a challenge. It has been very cold here in Minnesota. Sad to say, we are better able to handle this than some people, so while there were roads that looked like a bumper car track yesterday morning, the roads were clear by the time we went home. This bitter cold and high temperatures in the teens and twenties below zero can stop any time now.


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