Unexpected Blast from the Past!

BJ_OutoftheSmokeI just got the one of the nicest reviews ever from Night Owl Reviews. Five stars, an excellent rating, for Out of the Smoke!

Out of the Smoke is one of my earliest books and to this day remains one of my favorites. When people ask me which book is my favorite, this is usually my choice. I came up with the story line right after 9/11, not realizing at the time I would ever put it on “paper”! Being an author was the furthest thing from my mind thirteen years ago. I wasn’t even an editor yet. Not a blip on my radar. But I used to lie awake thinking about this poor imaginary woman who fled the scene of the collapsing twin towers to escape her life.

Hell, I still maintain that there had to have been several people who took the opportunity to flee their lives for a multitude of reasons. Maybe they suffered from abuse. Maybe they were in financial ruin. Maybe they believed their families would be better off with the insurance compensation. It was an opportunity. Anyone whose relatives and friends believed them to be in the twin towers could have looked up at the sky that morning and thought, “I’m out of here.” That’s what my heroine did, and I love her to pieces. Her story is more complicated than that, but I hold her close to my heart.

Many thanks to Night Owl Reviews for the awesome review and kind words.

“From the very start I could not put this book down. The description of the reaction from those involved in 9/11 was extremely realistic and believable. One can easily imagine someone using the confusion and panic surrounding the event as a cover for disappearing from the horror that they live in daily. Becca Jameson keeps your emotions running right along with Liz’s. The fear and trepidation of hiding out from someone you fear most is poignant. You feel her pain and emotions toward the man she gave her heart to only to receive degradation and pain in return. Never knowing when he could decide she didn’t die in the attack and come after her. She is always looking over her shoulder and getting close to anyone.

You will not put this book down till the very end. Readers will wish it kept going, not because it is missing something, but because it’s just that good. Ms. Jameson is an expert at the many twists and turns a story can take to keep your interest. This one is one of her best.

Thank you for a wonderful read that we can all relate with through the events of 9/11. It was a historic event and one we can remember exactly what was going on in our lives when it happened and the horror and numbness we felt as we watched our world change forever. Get your copy to enjoy it for yourself today”

Merry Noelle, Night Owl Reviews, Jan. 2014

Overall Rating: Excellent


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