Nutella is nice, but reviews are sweeter.

I have to admit, I’ve been struggling somewhat with my latest WIP, a contemporary romance. I’m over the whole “My hero isn’t paranormal” thing now…okay, mostly over it. However, I’ve been wrestling with the conflicts in the story. Do I have enough? Are they valid? I’ll be honest, these sorts of questions make a woman like me a little apprehensive.

However, I believe the universe always provides.

And as if to prove that point, I’ve been fortunate enough to receive some wonderful reviews over the past couple of weeks, some of them quite unexpected.

Night Owl Romance has been very good to me over the past two years. They just reviewed a couple of my older books, 2 of the Greek god stories. Reviewer Hitherandthee (love the handle) has made both Sweet Hell and Sunburn Top Picks and has given Sunburn a wonderful 5 stars.   logo - nowl top pick

Here’s what she had to say:

51K31lcx73L__SL500_SS140_Sweet Hell review: “I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that this delightful book will enchant readers for many years to come.”

LSB Cover Art Template for PhotoShopSunburn Review: “I could not put this book down, and this novel has found a treasured spot on my bookshelf, as I’m sure it will on other readers’ shelves everywhere.”

The Martini Times have also been very supportive this past month or so. Reviewer Aixa has now reviewed all three of the Gemini Island Shifters books and has given out 4 Olive reviews to each. I am extremely grateful for those olives!

LSB Cover Art Template for PhotoShopHere’s what she had to say about Predator’s Refuge: “Full of love, passion, lust and plenty of action and mystery”

During a time when I’ve been doing a lot of self-doubting and wondering about my abilities, it is very nice to have this validation. Reader reviews are so appreciated by authors, and I treasure each one. Reviews from romance sites are just as helpful to us because they also spread the word.

But is getting a good review as satisfying as eating my beloved Nutella?

You bet my Nutella-encrusted mouth it is.

15 thoughts on “Nutella is nice, but reviews are sweeter.

  1. If you ever have doubts on your writing you come find me! You know I love every book you have written that I have read (a little behind…) and I am very sure that whatever else you create will be just as funny and sweet and passionate and mysterious and filled with action and adventure and totally completely enjoyable! (or go see Monette)

    Plus I am not a huge fan of Nutella so you can have all my share.


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