Hibernation by Monette Michaels

Yes, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and I wish you all a wonderfully fabulous day with your loved one.  And while I am a romance author and could easily dash off a blog all about love and sex (BTW, I’m in favor of love and sex) … I have hibernation on my mind.

The word hibernation is derived from the verb hibernate which is defined as “To pass the winter  in a dormant or torpid state.”  [American Heritage College Dictionary (1993)] The word’s origin is from the Latin hibernus, meaning “of winter.” The Indo-European (yes, I studied Linguistics in college — LOVED IT!) root is ghei-*, which is defined as theoretical base of ghiem which became the Latin base word hiems or winter, which variant eventually evolved to hibernus. Got to love evolution of the English language.

So, why is this on my mind? — so much so that I looked up root words.

That dormant and torpid state mentioned in the definition?  I am so relating to that. I have no energy. No desire to leave my house to shop for Valentine’s goodies. No urge to get all gussied up and go out to dinner with my Valentine of forty-four years.  All I want to do is hibernate. Well, figuratively hibernate, because unlike bears and other animals that actually hibernate, I can’t suppress my metabolism in order to conserve energy (Factoid:  animals do this to survive during times when food is scarce).

Why?  Because this has been the coldest winter in Indiana in a long, long time.  I just want to stay inside and vegetate. I’m fairly sure that the terms “dormant” and “torpor” cover that feeling.

So, while tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, there’ll be no sexy little black dress and candlelit dinner at some chic romantic restaurant for me.  I’ll be hibernating in my big cushy chair, in my warmest jammies,  under a blanket, with my cat on my lap (best lap warmer ever!), and a good book in my hand.

Or maybe, I’ll be nesting under the covers with my sweetie.  He’s been known to keep me warm also.    *wink wink*

[You knew I’d get back to the love and sex, now didn’t you?]

2 thoughts on “Hibernation by Monette Michaels

  1. Actually it is 36 degrees today and sunny — so we’re meeting another couple for dinner at a really nice restaurant — but because it is still a tad bit chilly out, I am doing black leggings, boots, and a cowl-neck wool tunic and my fur coat. Tomorrow we’ll be getting more snow and getting colder again — so back to hibernating. Hope your Valentine Day hibernation is a good one.


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