Cover Reveal for Redeemed!

Redeemed_Becca_Jameson_500x800So, Completed just came out and it’s doing fantastic. The next book in the series is Redeemed and it releases on March 6. The cover is smokin’ hot! And, yes, I’m working on the fifth book, Abandoned, as we speak!

Here the blurb for Redeemed:

Acknowledging her true mate is her only chance for redemption…

Ashley Rice is broken. After being rescued from the clutches of a crazed shifter who kept her drugged and malleable for four years, she is recovering with the help of her family and a psychologist.

Evan Harmon is the private investigator who rescued her. At the moment of escape, he knew she was his mate. Fighting his own instinctual need to take his Fated mate, he keeps that detail to himself to allow her time to heal.

Six months later, at his breaking point, Evan attends a dinner at Ashley’s brother’s house, where he knows their relationship will be instantly revealed.

But Ashley has a long road ahead of her. She is reluctant to enter into a relationship with anyone, including the man she knows in her soul is her mate. She doesn’t believe she is worthy and she needs more time.

In addition, the man who held Ashley is still on the loose. She lives a life in fear of being found and dragged back into an existence she can no longer fathom.

And there are bigger concerns. Who provided her abductor with the drugs and is the entire event a part of a larger conspiracy?

When neither Ashley nor Evan can stand their separation any longer and realization dawns that mating isn’t something that can be denied, Ashley and Evan enter into a constrained relationship that explodes into a claiming neither of them expected.

But Evan has his own secrets, and Ashley suffers from agoraphobia. Can the two of them climb these hurdles and come out together?

To read an excerpt, visit the Redeemed page on my site. 🙂


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