The Oscars!

oscarThe buzz this Monday morning is all about the Oscars. I watched the show last night along with a billion people, according to Ellen. Speaking of Ellen—she broke Twitter!!!

While I enjoy the musical numbers, finding out who won, and, sometimes, the speeches, my favorite aspect of the Oscars are the dresses and the red carpet interviews.

Shallow huh?

Who do you think was best dressed last night?

My vote goes to Cate Blanchet. I loved her dress, but, then again, when you’re that tall and slender, a potato sack would look like it cost a kazillion dollars.

As for worst dressed, after showing remarkable fashion sense this whole award season, I have to say that Lupita Nyong’o’s dress did nothing for her. But her acceptance speech had me sniffling.

It was great to see movies about real causes, like Dallas Buyers Club and Twelve Years A Slave, rewarded with the golden statue. Gravity took home the most Best Of, and it was a beautifully crafted film.

One of the best films I’ve seen in a long time had only one nomination and won nothing, but it will haunt me forever. If you get a chance to see, Lone Survivor—do it.

So, chime in with your favorite moments, best dressed, most terrific speech (Jared Leto fore me, but I do have a crush on him), and whatever else struck you.

May you have a Momentous Monday!



2 thoughts on “The Oscars!

  1. Um, I didn’t watch. Yes, I am bad. I don’t go to movies (I wait for them to come to cable and even then I am really picky.)

    Mostly I write (and edit) books and read. And watch the Food Network, the Weather Channel, and some other non-fiction type cable channels for research purposes and just because I am a science geek.

    [Note: I do like reruns of old detective shows from the 70s/80s like McMillan and Wife, Columbo, and anything from the BBC like Midsomer Murders and Inspector Lewis, but those I watch on Amazon Prime streamed over my TV or Kindle).

    The Food Channel had new shows on last night and so that is what I watched. However, I was in the room for a second where my hubby watched (he had seen most of the nominated movies — he unlike me doesn’t read for enjoyment and loves movies and scripted TV shows) when Ellen handed out pizza, paper plates, and napkins to stars in the front rows — I have to say that would have been my favorite moment even if I had watched the whole show.


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