Is it March Already?

Redeemed_Becca_Jameson_500x800How on earth did it get to be March? I wasn’t done with February yet! Don’t rush me! That month was too short…

With books coming out nearly every month this year, I have to pace myself. 🙂 This week will showcase the release of the fourth book in my Wolf Gatherings series, Redeemed. It comes out March 6, this Thursday. Already? I’m hard at work on the fifth book, Abandoned, which is due to release in May.

In the meantime, how about a teaser from Redeemed? Enjoy!

(excerpt from Redeemed, Wolf Gatherings, Book 4)


So much blood.

As though she were floating in the room, separated from her body, Ashley watched the blood drip off her fingers and land on the tile floor. Each plop rang in her ears, amplified by the silence now reigning in her studio.

Moments ago the house had been filled with her screams, the loud pulsing of her own blood as it flowed through her ears, the grunts and groans of her attacker as he’d attempted to dominate her with his strength.

Now it was over. Silence. And blood.

She heaved for breath as her hands began to shake. She willed herself to release the knife, and it clamored to the floor, bouncing twice with a ping that made her flinch.

Oh God, I killed him.

The reality of her actions sank in as she stood rooted to the spot, unable to move an inch. Her legs wouldn’t respond to any of the messages her brain fired at them.

She stared in disbelief at the man on the ground at her feet. Damon Parkfield. She felt not one ounce of remorse for her actions. Should she?

Concern for the repercussions yes, but not sadness or sorrow. If she had to go to jail for the rest of her life for this killing, so be it.

Sirens wailed outside. She jerked her head up at the sound. The sirens got louder and multiplied.

She narrowed her gaze, knowing instinctively they were coming for her.

Damon entered her home less than half an hour ago. The cops were fast.

His downfall: she’d been anticipating him. She’d known he would come for her.

No longer the weak girl he’d held captive for four years, Ashley’s mind had cleared. Her ability to think rationally had returned in bits and pieces over the past months. She’d visualized every imaginable scenario of this moment.

She’d known he would come eventually. Never for a second had she doubted his tenaciousness. Neither a restraining order nor the passage of time would keep Damon from seeking revenge.

“You’re mine, bitch.” His words still rang in her head. But Ashley’s head was no longer floating in the clouds as she had been for the four years he’d tortured her. Nothing he could say would have altered the course of her actions.

What he didn’t consider was her determination not to be taken by him a second time outweighed his resolve to abduct her and hold her under his thumb once again.

The sound of police cars surrounding the house increased. Tires squealed and she closed her eyes, picturing the red and blue flashing lights spinning on the tops of several cruisers, skidding up to the curb, heedless of their haphazard parking jobs.

Doors slammed and she jerked again, her feet still rooted to the spot.

She opened her eyes and returned her gaze to the man on the floor, the bastard who’d stolen so much from her. All that would end now. No matter what happened next, she would never have to worry about Damon Parkfield again. And neither would any other woman…

4 thoughts on “Is it March Already?

    • Sleep? What is this you speak of? lol Honestly, it’s just that I love writing and I’m so lucky that I get to devote more than full time to it! My kids are teens and my husband isn’t particular about his meals and cleanliness! YAY me! I have the best life! Becca


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