Release week, a free read and a birthday!

Happy Thursday naughty readers! I’ve got a hodgepodge of things to share with you today, but first … White Collar Cowboy is available for download! I love me some sexy cowboys, so I couldn’t resist the chance to write about the Mathis brothers when they made their presence known. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Next, my writer-gal-pal Maggie Wells has a FREE read this week – The Art Lover. Short, sweet and sexy – I loved this story. It’s only free until tomorrow, so don’t delay! Get your copy today! (I made a rhyme!)


Starving artist Kelsey Tecato takes being The Templeton Museum’s artist in residence a little too literally. By day, she puts on a show of painting for the crowds that shuffle through the galleries, but at night, her muse runs wild.

Mitch Jameson is a guy’s guy. A cop moonlighting as a security guard, he has little use for the artsy-fartsy stuff, but the mysterious Ms. Tecato’s sexy portraits call to him.

So does an interior alarm.

When Officer Jameson goes to investigate, he finds a paint-splattered goddess working on a self-portrait–in the nude.

A couple tubes of paint and a roll in the drop cloths later, free-spirited Kelsey helps Officer Jameson discover his passion for art.

Promotional Price: FREE March 3-7, 2014:Β Amazon:

Finally, today is Rome’s birthday. So, in honor of his day, I’ll give one random commenter a digital copy of White Collar Cowboy. But, you’ve gotta answer a question. When you look at Gavin on the cover…what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

ParkerKincade_WhiteCollarCowboy_200pxTo purchase White Collar Cowboy:

Amazon, B&N, ARe, Kobo

Until next time…

17 thoughts on “Release week, a free read and a birthday!

  1. LOL, well happy birthday to Rome, and congrats Parker on this release. I know it’ll be as hot as the others. What do I think of when I see your cover? Well. Simply put: man nips, and what one could do with them. πŸ˜‰


  2. Um, first thought is — I want to lick those abs.
    Second thought is, is he looking at his cock pushing against his jeans? Yes, my mind is in the gutter.
    Happy Birthday to Rome. He’s a Pisces — what a lucky girl you are. And Congrats on White Collar Cowboy which I adored. My author blurb for this book is as follows:

    “Parker Kincade has done it again with her first novella in the Shadow Maverick Ranch series. White Collar Cowboy is a down-to-earth, sexy romance about real people with real world problems who find their happy-ever-after together. Can’t wait for the rest of the Mathis siblings’ stories.”


    • Mmm, I didn’t think about where he was looking, but I like it!

      Thank you, Moni! And I’m so greatful for the lovely quote! I’ve posted it on the sites with the book! πŸ™‚


  3. Happy Birthday to Rome! As for the cover … my first inclination is “Honey lose the shirt …. it’s just in the way!”


  4. Happy Birthday Rome! Sorry I missed ya! As for the cover on White Collar Cowboy…I see him naked with just his Cowboy hat covering up….


  5. Thanks for all the comments ladies! Rome decided all commenters to this point should win, so yay! Congrats ladies! πŸ™‚ If I haven’t emailed you yet, don’t fret! It’s coming! πŸ™‚


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