Boys of…summer?

It’s March, right? In the deep South, the weather must’ve missed the memo. It’s NOT supposed to be cold anymore. This winter has been atypically shiver-inducing. We even had snow! Like a lot, lot, lot of snow. Most I can remember in my entire life.

Despite the frigid temps, all three of my boys are playing baseball this year. Somehow I messed around and became the team mom. Sigh…I guess it’s only fitting since I’m Mom to 1/5th of the team anyway. I’m excited to see how the boys do as baseball is my favorite sport. (Not that I play any, mind you, but I do like to watch it.)

But back to the cold…our good pal, Ann Gimpel, is leaving this weekend for Antarctica of all places! How cool is that? (Or should I say how COLD is that?) I’ll let my dear friend brave the cold and snow while I sit over here and wait for the sunny climes my Alabama bones are used to.

Not to be trite or anything, but how’s the weather treating you guys and gals? I’m hoping this spring and summer will heat up for us as I have a hot new historical on the horizon. Straitlaced will be coming from Etopia Press in the next few months. Nothing like a new contract offer to get the blood pumping!

Until next time!


6 thoughts on “Boys of…summer?

  1. It’s warmer, but gray today. Of course, warmer I relative, we hit 25 today. We should be in the md 30s. Minnesota I not the place to be these days. We have been so cold here that 25 seems like a heat wave. The dog and I walked the 1 1/4 mile round trip to the vet this afternoon for his yearly appointment.


  2. Hey there, Robin!
    Waving madly… Thanks for thinking of me. Indeed, we head to the great southern oceans very soon here. You got all the snow we didn’t this winter. It’s been warm and dry here. So much so, a girl might forget she lives in the High Sierra at 8000′. Big hugs. Sorry I couldn’t swing my Atlanta layovers so we could connect. Next time.


    • Have a safe trip, Ann! Can’t wait for my penguin pics. And definitely, the next time we’re in the same time zone, we’ll have to meet. You’ll be flying over my head any moment now.


  3. Team Mom? Are you crazy? Okay, make sure you make the other moms help with treats since if I remember correctly that is what the team moms do – bring goodies so the little ones don’t starve or get dehydrated. Bottles of water, juice boxes, and snacks that don’t melt (so that means no chocolate since it gets ooky fast). Hope you have a nice big cooler to keep all the drinks cold.

    And as for weather, we sprang forward in time and brought Spring with it. Sunny and heading for 60s today. Yay! But the huge snow piles will take a while to melt — maybe by May.


    • Moni, we make a list and each kids’ parent(s) take turns bringing the drinks. (That’s all we do. No snacks.) But no, I have to gather the $ for shirts, plan the end of the year party, and help the coach during the games. I’m pretty much the “mommy” in the dug out. Yay, me!


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