The Book Chick visits LLL!

It is my great pleasure to welcome The Book Chick to Love, Lust and Laptops today. For anyone who hasn’t read her work, Book Chick is a blogger and editor and Goodreads mod for one of the best romance groups. She is also the creator of my trailers for the Gemini Island Shifters series, and her work is amazing. First and foremost, I know she’d say she is a reader and knows a good book. I’ve asked her to share what she thinks makes a good read, and she is kindly sharing.

Welcome Book Chick!

My journey to being a reader and blogger is a fairly serendipitous one. About eight years ago, I was stranded in an airport in Los Angeles. With nothing to do but wait, I visited one of those novelty shops that sells everything from car chargers to candy to books and magazines. Deciding that I’d get through a magazine too quickly, I opted for a novel–The Body Farm by Patricia Cornwell. I was hooked. That one book changed my life. I found a love for reading that I just didn’t have before. Prior to that occasion, my motto was, “I read for information, not for fun.” Oh boy…I had no clue what I was missing. Reading has opened a world of action, adventure, and romance that’s better than any television show. I haven’t watched TV in more than four years. As my love of reading increased, I decided to join Goodreads to connect with fellow readers. I have met some amazing readers and authors who enjoyed my reviews and encouraged me to create my own blog. After much resistance, and two years, I decided to create my blog, The BookChick Blog Reviews ( Since starting my blog I have had an opportunity to read even more books–some great, some not so much so. However my selection preferences are based on three common elements: 
  1. The cover
  2. The synopsis
  3. The reviews
As a romance reader, a sexy cover catches my attention every time. But, I don’t select a book solely on its cover. The synopsis also has to grab my attention with the promise of good things to come. It has to telegraph, “You must read this book!” If it doesn’t, it typically doesn’t go on my to read list or very low down on it. I added reviews to my list but I would like to qualify it. To be honest, I only consider reviews written by friends that I trust. In the past year, I have seen an increase of reviews written by either supporters and friends and detractors. Neither is particularly useful because they inflate or deflate the truth of the reality of the book. 
Facebook has also been an excellent opportunity for find and meet new and exciting authors. The connections I’ve made there have opened a whole new arena of fiction authors to me. 
My parting words for my fellow readers is to be kind to each other. Don’t bully and don’t harass each other. We are all connected through our love of books. 

12 thoughts on “The Book Chick visits LLL!

  1. It’s amazing such a chance incident changed your life so much! And I agree with you re the surge of friend and family reviews. I, also, only trust reviews from friends and sites I respect. Thanks for ‘guesting’ with us.


  2. I follow a similar technique on selecting books. I used to go to the book synopsis first, cover art, then reviews. Now, I see what my favorite bloggers and authors are recommending – a new technology take on word-of-mouth. I have found some great books that way.

    I have enjoyed Bookchick’s trailers and book cover art. She is one the few artists who creates her own beautiful work, and respects other’s copyrighted material and intellectual property (by not using photos/videos/music created by other people/organizations). CLASS ACT!


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