Attraction — Not All About the “Girls” by Monette Michaels

I read magazines. Lots and lots of magazines.  Mostly fashion and home decorating magazines with the occasional guns and ammo and science magazine thrown in for writing research.

Magazines are my guilty secret. Looking at them relaxes me.  And from time to time, other than getting ideas of how to decorate my living room or what 80s clothing is now back in style, or what new gun is big on the streets, I read the articles. I get some great story ideas from magazine articles.  This time I got a blog idea.

Allure Magazine recently had an article titled  How to be Sexy:  7 Weird (But True) Rules of Attraction. With a quick skim, I saw that nary a breast or  bottom  was mentioned. Intrigued, I read the article and would like to share the rules with you and my take on them.

1.  Wear Red.

Red is a power color.  Women have been advised to wear red in their business dressing to convey that “here I am, hear me roar” sense of confidence. There is actual biological reasons for this attraction to the color red by males.  Think of our primate cousins — red is the color of arousal.  ‘Nuff said.

I know the red leather dress my hubby bought me in San Francisco has always been the dress that attracts a lot of attention when we hit the casinos in Vegas. Or, it might be because it is red, short, body-conscious with a T-back that shows off my hard-earned lats … and is LEATHER.

2. Don’t wear red lipstick.

Okay, I so get this.  What man wants to kiss lips and get red lipstick all over him? And do you constantly want to have to check your teeth to see if the red has bled onto them?  Not me!

The article states that a study was done and men are attracted to neutral shades or maybe something in pink a shade or so darker than your lips.

I can recommend Bobbie Brown “Brown” lipstick (it flatters most skin tones) with a top coat of Urban Decay’s new Naked line in “Walk of Shame” (a pale gloss that has a tinge of pink and it tastes good).

3.  Smile.

Commonsense. Who wants to approach a gloomy gus or gussette? —  as the case may be.  The article states that a study was done in British Columbia that showed a smile raises your sexiness quotient.

Smiling is cheap and easy – so go for it!

4. Shiny hair.

Who doesn’t like shiny hair?  I like shiny hair.  Men seem to like long, shiny hair on women who wear red clothing, with nude lips, and a sexy smile.  It’s sort of a package deal, right?

5. Smell good.

Okay, biology is rearing its scientific head again.  There are studies that have shown that males can scent when a woman is fertile. It’s all neurochemistry. Males are hard-wired to procreate so they look for women who they perceive (using visual and olfactory cues) as fertile.  The brain is a marvelous and complicated organ and sex drive is all about the brain, right?

And I know in my own experience, I was attracted to my husband’s scent (along with his tight buns and soft, shiny blond hair). Sniffing his neck calms me to this day.  Hey, don’t laugh – it works for me and he likes it. 😉

The article was aimed at wearing perfume (hey, Allure has advertisers). The magazine asked what were the most popular fragrances in perfumes?

Answer:  lush flowers, vanilla, amber and powdery notes.

I relate to those since every perfume I have ever worn and goes well with my body chemistry has had roses, vanilla, amber, and bergamot (a citrus tree, its fruit rind oils smell a lot like oranges) — and lately oud (aka agarwood, a dark resinous and extremely aromatic hardwood).  I wear Bond No. 9 New York Oud, and people come up and tell me I smell good.  All sorts of people. Many of them male. 🙂

6.  Dim the lights.

Everyone looks sexier in dim lighting. Cellulite disappears in dim lighting, especially if you are lying down. Which then leads to all the fun things that happen when the lights are low.

Dim lighting when seated at a table with tablecloths (especially in a booth out of the main line of foot traffic) can lead to fun times, even in public.

I support dim lighting (and cozy booths with long table cloths), except for when I need to read the menu. Or I could just order the special. 😉

7.  Animate your face.

Women with “high-motion faces” (blinking, nodding, and shaking their heads) are thought to be better looking than those whose faces remain expressionless (or have too much Botox and plastic surgery).  The three motions indicate you are listening and reacting to the people around you.  Bottom line:  Men like women who are into them.

In my experience this is true. I’ve been told I am highly animated with lots of positive energy. However, I will not relate my personal experiences because some of them are embarrassing, especially the one time I was sitting at a bar in the Las Vegas Hilton waiting on my doctor hubby to come out of an ASCAP meeting (American Society of Clinical and Anatomical  Pathologists) and this man approached me, and  … well, let’s just say he made an error. But I’m fairly sure it was because I was wearing red, had shiny hair, was smiling, smelled good, and was having an animated discussion with the bartender.  😉

See?  7 weird rules of attraction — not what you expected at all, were they?  Obviously, men aren’t as shallow as they’re made out to be. Except for maybe the guy at the bar in Vegas. I’m fairly sure he was being very shallow.

What should you take away from this blog?

1. Attraction is more than a nice rack, tight round butt, long legs, and a face that launched a thousand ships (which includes every Victoria’s Secret model we  love to hate).

2. That survival of the species isn’t dependent on the perfect body and face.

3.  Don’t sit at bars by yourself in Vegas wearing red, smiling, smelling good, with shiny hair and animated facial expressions unless you want to get picked up by strange men. Oh and watch out when riding elevators in Vegas when the Italian Air Force is in town and training at Nellis AFB, and you are the only woman in the elevator car.  I know enough Latin that I got the gist of most of what they were saying.  *blushing*

BTW, it never ceases to amaze me what topics researchers choose to investigate.  But the results make for interesting magazine articles among all the pretty pictures and advertisements. 🙂

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