Release Day and a Game by Emilia Mancini

So I know you saw this coming last post….ba-ba-buuuuuummmmmm…

It’s release day for Forever Yours!

Awwwww… What you didn’t see coming…bam!…Wordsearch puzzle.


Yup. That’s for you. Just a little release day fun. From me to you. Hey, I’m a giver. And since I am a giver, let me give you a little reminder: Don’t use a pen on your monitor to find the words. Yikes!

Click on that bad boy to enlarge it, then right click, save, and print it off. Then you can settle back with a nice glass of wine and relax a little.

But before you start, don’t forget to swing by and get a copy from Musa Publishing!  (Yet another shameless plug. What are you going to do with me?)


Four years ago John Howard made the biggest mistake of his life. He walked away from the only woman he’d ever loved. Now he’s back, older and wiser, and all he needs is a little forgiveness and a second chance.

The last thing Megan Carter needs is to be reminded how much John hurt her. When she literally falls into his arms, the pain of his rejection resurfaces with a vengeance. John is best friends with Meg’s brother-in-law, making it impossible to avoid him so Meg agrees to put her anger aside. That, however, doesn’t mean she’s forgotten.

Despite John’s attempts to fix their relationship, Meg is determined not to give him another chance to break her heart. But how can she possibly resist him when all her heart wants is the love she lost so long ago?




8 thoughts on “Release Day and a Game by Emilia Mancini

  1. Okay, I give up. I was trying to share this on my blog, but wordpress is drunk. Really, it isn’t me! I swear. Anyway, sorry for the gazillion notifications of me sharing my puzzle. Yup…I was very excited about it. 😉


  2. Hey everybody loves games! Especially those where we can make marks on our screens in pencil, right? You said no pens so we can use pencil – or markers? Oooooooo pretty green highlighter!


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